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  • Solomiia
    Not showing up in search results
    Hi this is a Magic of purity on thumbtack, why I’m not showing up in search results???
    Solomiia 141 views 4 comments Most recent by Solomiia
  • Jingjun
    "Limited Availability" question
    I was top in my area for a while and getting a lot of lead and many are free. Just when I thought things are going well, I stopped getting leads. I noticed when I look for myself, I was not showing up in the search results. In the …
    Jingjun 381 views 6 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • pr660
    Unable to Input "Frequently Asked Questions" on Profile Page
    "Frequently Asked Questions" lists beneath it, "You have not answered..." However, there appears to be no means of getting to the edit page for this. Please help! Thanks in advance!
    pr660 48 views 5 comments Most recent by arslan
  • marcio_ledger
    Profile issues
    I am helping two people and both of them do not understand the English language well yet, so, I developed a page for them, after the Background Check made by themselves, Thumbtack deactivated their page and did not give an answer an…
    marcio_ledger 305 views 3 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • cmarcum215
    Why does the lead cost more than the job?!
    Curious how thumbtack comes up with prices honestly. I am an electrician and charge $75 to install an outdoor coach light. It takes 10 min or less. I find it difficult to charge more than that and so does the customer when it’s a 10…
    cmarcum215 534 views 16 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • Teachers1on1
    Profiles for Different Locations
    We're a new eLearning platform that launch in January 2022. Our platform allows parents to find verified, actual teachers to tutor their children. We were wondering if it was possible to make sub-profiles that are specific to cities…
    Teachers1on1 345 views 4 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • RAB
    Customer support
    as many other users I received a fake lead. Paid $45.00 plus. Customer never responded, I tried calling them and the number is disconnected. I requested a refund and it got declined. I have tried contacting via text the customer ser…
    RAB 1.2K views 40 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • McSwain_here_ay3
    Expensive leads for cheap jobs
    Under my category of Pressure Washing , there are several prices they recommend you set. One of them is the price to pressure wash a generic driveway which has a competitive price of $126. This turns out to be too low to do most dri…
    McSwain_here_ay3 165 views 2 comments Most recent by platypusrex256
  • Guylevy50
    I had 25 5 star reviews on thumbtack and I was getting so much work that I turned Thumbtack off for a bit. Now my reviews are gone and I have emailed for help many times, but no one answers at all. Why is it so hard to get some assi…
    Guylevy50 248 views 5 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • Vonnre1029
    Not getting any responses from pros
    I need local movers and I’ve sent out at least to 15 pros, and zero replies?? I used to get responses within 5 mins.
    Vonnre1029 74 views 2 comments Most recent by Vonnre1029
  • Idesigner74
    Is thumbtack still in business? I stopped getting any leads at all a couple months ago.
    After consistently having a very high closing rate on the project leads I met with, along with a good rating, I suddenly stopped getting any leads at all almost 3 months ago. I spoke with customer service twice a while back and the…
    Idesigner74 1.8K views 20 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • Matt
    "Great value" badge question
    Hello fellow pro's, since Thumbtack has been very slow for me lately, I went ahead and used the platform to view all pros in my category (Murals/muralist) and I am on the first page for my area, but I noticed I was accepting Thumbta…
    Matt 160 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO
  • TinaC
    I don’t live there!
    Im new to TT and I honestly am about to leave🤦🏽‍♀️. Frustrated is to nice of a word to explain this level of frustration! Why am I being made to pay for leads from customers from states that I do not work in. I live in TX. I have …
    TinaC 46 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO
  • Kash65
    No leads no views for 3 months
    We've lost our thumbtack leads completely in April. Literally zero leads within 3 months. We've tried to increase Max lead price, lower service fee, set up weekly budget with no limits etc. The best account in the area is showing at…
    Kash65 139 views 2 comments Most recent by Matt
  • allenrobberson
    Saved Replies
    Can we please get the saved replies to be higher number of characters, 500 is not enough
    allenrobberson 229 views 0 comments Started by allenrobberson
    How has your experience been with Thumbtack (Pro Support) when trying to get an issue rectified...
    Especially issues dealing with getting refunds for bogus or misrepresented leads...
    Poll ROBINUCCI 132 views 4 comments Most recent by LLContracting
  • That_Tech_Jeff_2023
    Thats a lot for just one lead no?
    $120 for just one lead? Am I looking at this incorrectly?
    That_Tech_Jeff_2023 102 views 2 comments Most recent by LLContracting
  • CaileeM
    We're improving Thumbtack Pay
    Hello, Pro Community! I'm excited to share that deposits and installments are here. You used to only be able to accept one payment from a customer through Thumbtack. Thanks to your feedback, you now have the ability to request and r…
    CaileeM 138 views 2 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • dmcgphotography
    Support is not answering phone call, text and chat is auto response and no body online
    So what exactly is happening with support at TT? There is no way to contact anyone, no answers to text, on hold for hours long so you are forced to hang up, and now Chat has been relegated to auto response and just says to go to a d…
    dmcgphotography 416 views 13 comments Most recent by Enkultt
  • Wil
    Thumbtack Leads
    Why is going on with thumbtack this is the fist time in my 2 years with thumbtack leads has been coming in so slow….even the people I urge to join thumbtack has been complaining. What’s going on..?
    Wil 77 views 2 comments Most recent by Wil
  • drmeliakeller
    Lead Cost
    I'm new to Thumbtack and I've set my Max leads for each service, but I'm getting charged double what my maximum is. I don't understand why. Can anyone help? They say Exact Match. This is extra frustrating because none of the leads h…
    drmeliakeller 108 views 2 comments Most recent by SLP
  • That_Tech_Jeff_2023
    Major issues with Thumbtack App
    I have now spoken to more than a dozen potential Thumbtack clients who say they are totally confused by the Thumbtack process, do not like or understand the app, and never see the responses to their requests. Personally, about 90% o…
    That_Tech_Jeff_2023 1.5K views 16 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • allenrobberson
    apostrophe in predefined fields
    Why can't I use " ' " (apostrophe) is the predetermined text fields
    allenrobberson 39 views 0 comments Started by allenrobberson
  • LisaP
    What is the process that thumbtack uses for Opportunities
    I noticed that on the opportunities page, it indicates that "these customers who have requested other pros", " can be their backup." Does this mean that your response is not sent to the customer until the…
    LisaP 533 views 7 comments Most recent by Matt
  • famtechmedia
    Not getting anymore leads the way I would get
    Seems Thumbtack Pro has slowed down for me over the past few months. I would get a great number of leads and jobs but now it has dwindled down significantly. I have done everything required by Thumbtack Pro, I have great ratings and…
    famtechmedia 130 views 1 comment Most recent by Matt
  • DustiO
    Thumbtack + GoSite Partnership
    We hear a lot of feedback from pros about how you wish we had more calendar integration possibilities — so we're excited to post about this partnership. Our partnership with GoSite makes managing your leads and your schedule easier.…
    DustiO 275 views 2 comments Most recent by Erich_Von_Fader
  • Erich_Von_Fader
    I am looking for support of any kind through this company. What happened to the support and how can this be fixed. If there is a problem that requires a dispute with a member of thumbtacks staff then where do I turn. I have had iss…
    Erich_Von_Fader 126 views 0 comments Started by Erich_Von_Fader
  • Erich_Von_Fader
    Hi there, where is the pro support?
    I am currently frustrated with this app and support. I have gotten mulitple leads that are not a match and spent hours on the phone waiting for support to get my denied refund. Now, the support is gone but yet the emails and the app…
    Erich_Von_Fader 95 views 0 comments Started by Erich_Von_Fader
  • MoPierre
    Account Deactivated - Need Support
    So basically my husband's business account was deactivated, after messaging on all the social media platforms and emailing, someone finally answered saying that his account was deactivated because it was linked to my account. Now hi…
    MoPierre 401 views 0 comments Started by MoPierre
  • DustiO
    Introducing Podium.
    We’re excited to introduce our integration with Podium. We’re partnering with them to help pros like you better connect with customers and deliver best-in-class service. Podium offers a suite of messaging tools to get online reviews…
    DustiO 136 views 0 comments Started by DustiO