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  • KTV_2022
    I'm swimming with the big fish!!!!
    I have a couple of subjects, hope that's fine. First I am so impressed by the numbers of Pros in our classification - Wedding Officiant. Hundreds of services performed, cost is reasonable, reviews get the idea. Bottom line…
    KTV_2022 11 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO
  • DustiO
    Browse our marketplace: Partnerships built for impact.
    We’re excited to introduce you to our marketplace of partner tools and services, complete with exclusive offers for Thumbtack pros. We’re launching with a selection of partners, including TurboTax, Jobber, Front Desk and more. These…
    DustiO 81 views 5 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • DustiO
    Thumbtack + Wisetack
    We're excited to chat about one of our partnerships - with Wisetack, a company that allows customers to pay over time - while you get paid in full as soon as the work is complete. Paying over time increases a customer's buying power…
    DustiO 148 views 0 comments Started by DustiO
  • DustiO
    [Advice from Community members] Collecting reviews
    One of our new Community members, @pr660 recently posted this question in the Community about collecting reviews from past clients that were not found through Thumbtack. I thought this would be a great opportunity to put our hive mi…
    DustiO 61 views 13 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • Sean_Smeed
    Help! Thumbtack no longer giving me leads or views!
    Hello! I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my thumbtack account! I have not gotten any leads or views for 2 months, which is very problematic because Thumbtack is a vital part of my teaching business. There was a point wher…
    Sean_Smeed 419 views 6 comments Most recent by Rich_Peirce1
  • Rvpto
    I'm sure it can't just be me, but no "opportunities" lead (ever) for all of 2022 has not even "read" my message to them. I get that I will not be hired 100% of the time, but I don't see a "read' checkmark on…
    Rvpto 559 views 9 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • Pancakesplease
    Suddenly my profile is getting 0 views and 0 leads
    I've gone from getting 400 plus views and multiple leads, to nothing. Opportunities and leads that went to other pros aren't showing up. I have two pro thumbtack accounts, for my Makeup Artistry, and my older account is showing le…
    Pancakesplease 42 views 3 comments Most recent by Pancakesplease
  • DustiO
    Announcing a new integration with Hatch: Send immediate replies.
    We’re excited to introduce Thumbtack’s integration with Hatch, part of our focus on finding new ways to help you streamline your workflow.  With our Hatch integration, you can instantly respond to your Thumbtack leads, send follow u…
    DustiO 52 views 0 comments Started by DustiO
  • Rosemoreira32
    Refund requests with frustrating responses
    Thumbtack guides you to keep your calendar up to date so that you don't pay for leads that you can't attend, however, even though the date is blocked on the calendar, enter leads, you request a refund, say that the requested date is…
    Rosemoreira32 62 views 5 comments Most recent by ThomasdConstruction
  • parvit
    Refund Issue regarding Remote Availability and Skillset
    I continue to have issues getting refunds because some leads only want in person appointments or skills I do not offer. Remote Availability Issue: I was told to enable "remote" on my profile to let clients know I work remo…
    parvit 11 views 0 comments Started by parvit
  • TheDirtyRoof
    Help with leads and opportunities
    Hi! I'm just starting out, and I've had Zero luck ... No one has replied my opportunities messages, nor I have received any direct leads .... I only have 1 review, but I'm starting out, where can I get reviews that are REAL. If th…
    TheDirtyRoof 82 views 3 comments Most recent by Holly_Zendels
  • FullProofEdit
    Thumbtack in Canada?
    Hello Everyone! I am new to Thumbtack! I offer proofreading & editing services via Full Proof Edit. I've looked around for this answer but can't find anything specific so asking here - is Thumbtack available as a service in C…
    FullProofEdit 1.3K views 2 comments Most recent by FullProofEdit
  • TheDirtyRoof
    New User - Questions and Help
    Hi Community! I just started using ThumbTack I've been sending messages to "Opportunity" leads, because I have not gotten any Direct Lead, but If I go to my "Sent" folder, I don't see any Checkmarks, so I assume…
    TheDirtyRoof 149 views 8 comments Most recent by Mage
  • DustiO
    Introducing Front Desk.
    Our pros with Gold or Platinum Pro Rewards status, are part of a select group that can participate in our Pro Partnership Committee. Last rewards period, they told us that answering potential customers quickly — even when you’re on …
    DustiO 83 views 0 comments Started by DustiO
  • MG_1021
    Issues with Refunds
    I recently had 2 requests for refunds denied when my calendar was previously blocked. I have sent messages on the initial denial and have not received any response. As far as I can tell, the leads complied with policy for the cred…
    MG_1021 71 views 8 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • DustiO
    Introducing a new integration: Workiz
    We’re always looking for ways to help you automate your workflows, so you can focus on what you do best. We wanted to make sure you know about Thumbtack’s integration with Workiz. Here's how it works: Thumbtack leads land straight i…
    DustiO 66 views 0 comments Started by DustiO
  • GrampysMagic62
    Stale discounted opportunities !!!
    This past week I have received 4 different emails of 10%-15% discounted opportunities that were expired by at least 2 days. For example, I got one today, Thursday, for an event that occurred on MONDAY !!!!!!!!! I think the AI is b…
    GrampysMagic62 12 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO
  • pr660
    Can I Post Reviews From Past Students/Clients?
    I have dozens of stellar reviews/testimonials from past students/clients prior to using Thumbtack. Is there a way that I may list them in the "Reviews" section of my profile? This will most certainly be mutually beneficia…
    pr660 71 views 3 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • devin00825
    Lately getting smaller amount of leads
    I build furniture and mount TV’s among many other things on Thumbtack. I used to get a large amount of leads every week and business was great. I maintain a 5.0 rating, top pro status, and keep my profile pretty updated. Over the pa…
    devin00825 31 views 1 comment Most recent by DustiO
  • DustiO
    As a business owner, how do you prefer to do your taxes?
    Let us know what tax software you use (if any), and why. And check out our partnership with TurboTax. Thank you!
    Poll DustiO 24 views 0 comments Started by DustiO
  • LaurenceF
    What's happened to Thumbtack
    Formerly a TopPro on Thumbtack, but I receive hardly any leads at all these days and the few Exact Match leads I do receive can't afford to hire me because their budget's are ridiculously low! Seriously questioning what's happened w…
    LaurenceF 61 views 4 comments Most recent by LaurenceF
  • DustiO
    Partnership with Jobber!
    Last rewards period, our Pro Partnership Committee* shared that partnerships and integrations are essential — and can help pros save time and close more leads.  Last month we announced the launch of our partnership with Jobber. When…
    DustiO 144 views 0 comments Started by DustiO
  • Jeanine
    I'd like to talk about this. I am a notary - as are many others - it is a simple thing for Thumbtack - but I find that I get hired maybe half the time - because THUMBTACK will ENCOURAGE clients to contact MORE THAN ONE PRO. I resp…
    Jeanine 41 views 2 comments Most recent by Chavez

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