Trying to get in contact with someone over phone

Is there a way I could get in contact with thumbtack over the phone . Spanish gets me someone but English just hangs up the phone or I get a stubborn text rep . I got charged for a lead that wasn’t on my targeted preferences and it seems like everything is so robotic at thumbtack now it’s automated 100% and as far as I see there are only 2 text support reps that I get and the one I got helped me johnathon he’s okay I don’t get him anymore and RM is the one I keep getting and he’s just stubborn and ends conversations or just stop answering mid help . I don’t know how he still has a job. I want to speak to an actual person . Thumbtack 6 months ago would have gotten this resolved and escalated to be reviewed again . My target preferences do not include duct work installation or removal because we have our equipment stolen and the lead is exactly that customer wanting duct modification or new duct added to fix his air flow issue , it says it directly in the lead . This lead was $114 . It really feels like thumbtack is trying to just steal my money at this point and it’s sad cause I’m a top bro . I really am considering closing my account . The support is just not there.


  • DustiO
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    @Thermatechhvac I can't typically help with refunds, but if you'll send me the name of the customer I can look into it and follow up with you.