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  • DustiO
    Thumbtack Success Workshop
    One of the perks of Thumbtack Pro Rewards is the chance to attend a Success Workshop led by Thumbtack's most seasoned agents. During our summer Pro Rewards period pros with Silver status heard our agents' biggest tips for success, a…
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  • DustiO
    What is Thumbtack Pro Rewards, and how does it work?
    Thumbtack Pro Rewards is here - to recognize and celebrate YOU! You provide a great experience for your customers and we want you to know your effort doesn’t go unnoticed – we see you. Thumbtack Pro Rewards is made up of three tiers…
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  • STL_Shooter78
    Videography - video quantity and length parameters
    I've voiced concerns about this issue for years, but maybe by posting it here, other video Pros can share their thoughts. There needs to be some sort of way to opt out of getting charged for projects that have unrealistic budget+qua…
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  • DustiO
    What types of rewards would be most valuable to you?
    As we plan for the future of Thumbtack Pro Rewards, we are always looking for the best ways to celebrate and recognize your contributions - particularly in ways that would help you grow your businesses. With that in mind, we would l…
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  • DustiO
    Growth advice from marketing experts.
    One of the perks of Thumbtack Pro Rewards is the chance to attend a workshop led by marketing experts. During our summer Pro Rewards period pros with Gold and Platinum status learned about marketing strategies with Boot Camp Digital…
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  • DustiO
    Coming soon - Thumbtack Pro Rewards
    We’re introducing a new rewards program, Thumbtack Pro Rewards.  (Check out this video to learn more.) When the program launches on September 1st, you’ll be automatically enrolled. This program was built together with pros like you,…
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  • DustiO
    Meet Thumbtack’s Pro Partnership Committee
    We believe that collaborating with our pros will help to shape the future of Thumbtack.  In fact, that’s why earlier this year, we partnered with some of our best pros to kickstart this Community - a space designed to facilitate col…
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  • DustiO
    How to find your Thumbtack Pro Rewards status.
    “My job is all about helping people create joyful, clutter-free homes that work for them — and I love to help people find the peace of mind that comes from that. Thumbtack has been instrumental in helping me extend my reach to conne…
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  • DustiO
    Your rewards in action.
    We’ve talked a lot about the Thumbtack Pro Rewards* program and how it works, but let’s get down to the fun part - the rewards.  When you reach Silver status in Thumbtack Pro Rewards you have access to things like expedited chat and…
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