A new rewards period is here — March 2024

DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,610

We can’t believe how quickly this Thumbtack Pro Rewards period is flying by — but we’ve sure enjoyed it! We’ve met you in Thumbtack success workshops and digital marketing webinars, you’ve shared your Thumbtack swag, joined the Pro Partnership Committee and shared your feedback, contributed your featured expert stories and so much more.

A new qualifying period just began — March 1st. If you qualified for Silver, Gold, or Platinum status, congratulations and thank you for your hard work!

You'll have access your rewards through the end of May. You’ll also have until that date to re-qualify or move up — check your status and progress here.

From all of us at Thumbtack, thank you for your hard work and commitment. If you have any questions about how Thumbtack Pro Rewards works or how to qualify, drop them below. If you have tips for pros striving to qualify, share those below too!

Let’s do this!


  • KesXcent
    KesXcent Posts: 4

    Hi Dusti, I am wondering who I can chat with about inconsistencies with the top pro platinum status. I am a bit confused about how a pro with only 17 hires and 3 reviews can receive platinum status, but a pro like myself with 300+ hires and 150* 5* reviews and sitting an overall 4.8 is considered under gold status because 1 negative review 2 cycles ago brought me down to a 4.6 under the insights page and no matter how many reviews I get, it will not change. I've already gotten 11 5* reviews (double what some other "top pros" have, but the agent I spoke to today said I need at least 15 more. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,610

    @KesXcent reviews for rewards status are calculated on a 12 month average (so they need to be relatively current reviews) - and the more reviews you have, the more difficult it is to get your rating back up (just by the math). I went back and added all of the reviews that you've gotten over the past 12 months and that 4.6 average is correct and the assessment from that agent seems right as well. One thing to consider is that as time passes, those 1 star reviews won't be part of the 12 month average. It looks like the most recent ones were in July and August of last year, so later this year you should probably bump back up when those drop off. I hope this makes sense! You can also try and get more reviews from past clients to see if you can get there before then!