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At Thumbtack we are always looking for ways to amplify our pro voices and pro stories. If you are a Top Pro (a pro with Platinum rewards status), you are eligible to become a featured expert. We feature our pros in many ways, like:

  • Highlighting your stories or quotes in marketing materials or on our website
  • Connecting you with third party media outlets who are interested in talking to small business owners
  • Featuring your expertise in our Help Center
  • And more

If you are interested in being a featured expert, drop a comment below or send me a DM (@DustiO) and tell us about yourself (and why you think you'd be a good pro to feature) and we will reach out if there is an opportunity that comes up.



    MARNIE Posts: 10

    Very interested in becoming a Featured Expert. As a relationship / advice expert, trained at Columbia University with over 30 years experience, along with significant administrative/supervisory experience, there are few situations I haven't dealt with from parenting, marriage, business to gender and sexuality. To this end I was a VIP in the women's system in N.YC. I'm also an award-winning writer (including Emmy nominee), have been a radio host, and TV personality.I am branding a form of mentoring I call Strategic Relationship Thinking.

    I have a plethora of ideas and material I offer -- articles on virtually every relationship subject, as well as my experience on TT, quizzes, advice columns that can be archived.

    By all means let's talk. Marnie Macauley: (Google: Marnie Winston-Macauley) ...702 258 9904.

    Thanks and LOVE TT. Would like to be more involved in the structure to benefit all.

  • tcwright404

    I’m interested in being a featured expert.

    I am Timothy C. Wright, EdD aka Dr. TC, the managing member of both Capstone Action Research Tutor and Full Circle Entertainment respectively. I promote Education and Entertainment! “Edutainment” if you will.

    Full Circle Entertainment is a professional, licensed, and insured fulltime mobile entertainment company that plays the soundtrack of your life and desires to make memorable moments for you during your events. A DJ, or disc jockey, is a person who plays musical recordings for a living. This may take place in a variety of venues. Therefore, the person's exact role may vary, depending on the setting or the purpose of the music.

    Our goal is to provide music for any occasion that will not only move your feet but cause it to resonate with you mind, body and soul.

    Dr. Timothy C. Wright


  • barrazaonline

    Good Morning! I am interested in becoming a featured expert. I started as a notary for my company, from there, I became a Signing Agent, I received my RON certification, and I became a field inspector and wedding officiant. Meanwhile, I was getting my certificate in Data Analytics and Visualization. I learned to create websites and I designed my own. Now I have my own website, my own LLC, and I work hard to market myself and establish my web presence. I work for 100% client satisfaction.

    -Christopher Barraza

    Barraza Professional Services, LLC



    Mobile: 830-699-7093

  • MCGEvents

    Hello MCG Events here. Would love to be featured. We are a team of two executive chefs who recently decided to make the leap to work for themselves. Thumbtack has provided an opportunity for us to finally have an amazing work life balance. The first time in 25 years we can block out time for family events. Thumbtack has changed our lives. Thank you. Check us out on Instagram

    @cheflindseypenland @chef_rooster

  • Exploreeffortlessly

    I would be honored to be featured with Thumbtack! I have been a pro with Thumbtack for the past two years where I've attained Gold and Platinum status each year! Thumbtack has helped grow my travel agency where I was able to leave my 9-5 job and work on my travel agency full time. Here is my contact info:


  • Aaron_Hudson

    I would absolutely love to be a featured pro! Aaron Hudson better knows as The Startender. Started my company in January of 2021, jumped on Thumbtack soon after and have never looked back. I live by my Core Values:


    Service with passion and enthusiasm

    Treat all clients with genuine respect

    Aim for professional excellence

    Ready, Reliable and Responsible

    This can be expected anytime I am hired by a client. I believe I could offer other professionals in my industry and clients looking to hire a bartender a wealth of information. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, I've seen A LOT and am willing to part ways with what has made me successful thus far.

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for your consideration!

  • Assaad
    Assaad Posts: 1

    Hello as a top pro I’m interested in this opportunity.

  • AR2i
    AR2i Posts: 20

    Hello Thumbtack Community and @DustiO 👋

    My name is Laura Walsh and I am the owner of AR2i Business Solutions. Our tagline is "When you haven't gotten ARound 2 it, we can help!" We provide bookkeeping and tax preparation services for both individuals and businesses. I am a proclaimed number-crunching people-person. I love to crunch the numbers and I love to chat about almost anything.

    I started this business in April of 2022 part-time with the dream to be a full-time entrepreneur one day. I have been a bookkeeper for 25+ years and a tax preparer for 9+ years. I jumped onto Thumbtack and was able to grow my business in a way that I never thought was possible 🤯 This platform has been amazing for my business! So amazing, that I was able to leave my employer of 8 years in November of 2022 with no regrets, and have not looked back. My business continues to grow exponentially using this platform.

    I do have to say, I have a soft spot for the solopreneur/small-business owner trying to make a buck. I love to teach them how to keep proper books, how that affects their personal tax return, and how that affects their overall livelihood. Then we get a plan in motion to get their finances holistically aligned with their dreams.

    I would love the opportunity to be a featured expert. Thank you for your consideration.

    Laura 💰️

  • Javier_Rivera

    We have been in the flooring trade for 25-plus years, licensed, bonded, and insured. We carry the highest quality flooring products and craftsmanship on all installations. I started in the trade with a friend that his brother in law was a lead installer. I was 13 years old and am now 39. Other than graduating from SDSU and 5 years as a financial planner with Wells Fargo I have been in the flooring trade. Started by subcontracting for companies like Lowes, New construction builders, and local high end stores like The Floor Store, Conklin Bros, S&G, and others.

    We currently still help other companies but our main focus is on projects from our clients and store directly. We appreciate Thumbtack helping us expand our flooring sales and installation store.

    Contact me at your convenience we will be more than happy to complete your flooring project.


    Javier Rivera

  • studiooneninedesign

    I'd love to be considered as a featured expert!

    My name is Marlaya Ross and I'm an interior designer for busy professionals in Raleigh-Durham, NC. I'm inspired by color, culture, and comfort and I enjoy getting to know who my clients are and how they would like to live, and then designing their home to reflect this truth.

    I've been a loyal Thumbtack Pro since 2020 and I am so grateful for this platform. Without it, my business would not be where it is today so I would love to give back to Thumbtack by sharing any feedback that may benefit the company. I also can speak to both sides of Thumbtack as I use Pro to secure quality leads for my own business, and then use my regular Thumbtack as a customer myself to find reputable contractors to help me complete client projects and home projects alike.

    I would also love to show that women and people of color are just as successful and highlighted on the app as everyone else -- that Thumbtack is truly dedicated to providing quality leads and quality services to everyone.

    Thank you so much for your consideration!!

  • julianmylesphoto

    Julian here - I’d love to be considered as a featured expert!

     I'm a photographer for corporate organizations and small businesses in Cincinnati, OH. My goal through my photography is to make others feel as comfortable, confident, and natural in front of the camera.

    I have been a member of Thumbtack Pro since 2022, and I cannot express enough gratitude for the immense value this platform has brought to my business. Without Thumbtack, I genuinely believe that my business would not have achieved the level of success it enjoys today. 

    Thumbtack has played a pivotal role in my professional journey, and I am committed to contributing in any way possible to ensure its continued success. Once again, thank you for creating such an invaluable platform for professionals and customers alike. I am truly grateful for the positive impact Thumbtack has had on my business, and I look forward to being a part of its ongoing development.

  • Kevin_Coughran

    📣 Hello Thumbtack team! I am delighted to share my story and express my interest in becoming a featured expert within your platform. My journey as a wedding photographer and videographer on Thumbtack spans over 8 years, starting in 2015 when Thumbtack was still in its early years. Throughout this time, I have witnessed the platform's growth and evolution, fueled by their dedication to listening to their customers and professionals like myself.

    In line with Thumbtack's commitment to improvement, I strive to apply the same principle to my own business. In 2019-2022, I took a break from working full-time on Thumbtack. However, upon my return in the fall of 2022, I made the decision to fully invest my time and efforts into Thumbtack, and the results have been astounding. Within just 6 months of advertising on Thumbtack, I accomplished my yearly income goals and secured 36 new clients. Thumbtack has become an invaluable resource for generating high-quality leads, propelling the growth and success of my business.

    What truly sets Thumbtack apart is their unwavering support and swift resolution of any issues that arise. I have consistently experienced prompt assistance, with problems resolved within a matter of days. Thumbtack has proven to be a reliable partner in my journey, empowering me to thrive in the highly competitive wedding industry where major giants exist. I greatly appreciate Thumbtack's unwavering dedication to supporting professionals like myself and their commitment to helping us find exceptional clients, providing the freedom to run our own businesses.

    If Thumbtack is interested in delving deeper into my story, I would be thrilled to collaborate further and share more of my journey and successes. I am eager to contribute to Thumbtack's mission of amplifying pro voices and stories, and I look forward to the opportunity of being featured as an expert.

    Thank you for considering my application, and I eagerly anticipate the possibility of collaborating with Thumbtack!

    Best regards,

    Kevin Coughran

    Captured Cupid 💘

  • Matthew_Larkin

    Hi I’m Matthew owner of retired guys home services we maintain manage rental and corporate housing as well as make ready for new or seller home owners. I would love to be a Thumbtack featured expert and share my experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner

    best regards

    Matthew larkin


  • Christina
    Christina Posts: 1

    Hello Thumbtack! Very interested in speaking with you further about the possibility of me being one of your featured companies. Make Space Now LLC.

  • Bigredwashing

    Hello @DustiO I would love to be a part of this opportunity! As a single mom, person of color and proud member of the lgbtq community, I would love to help get more representation of people like me out there to the industry I work in that is 99% male dominated!

  • Sat_Khalsa

    Is thumbtack bucks still a thing? I met a former a former Dustio, at least this person had a similar job when I was hired to cook for her and her boyfriend. It happen to be my first job through thumbtack; she used thumbtack bucks to pay for part of the meal. Then I started doing new employee dinners at Marco’s (CEO) house, what a great idea to have new employees go to the CEO and founder’s house for dinner! Well thumbtack and I have gotten along well over the years. I owe the platform a career not in a restaurant. Thank you.

    I believe I’m the only chef that won “Best Person Chef” on thumbtack. What I’m saying is thumbtack has done me well; I’ve done well for thumbtack users. It was invited into the office by that client who used thumbtack bucks on my first job that she invited me to to do promo videos and interviews at the office which I has moved since.

    Chef Sat

  • Vidura_Wickramasingh

    Hi Team,

    We would love the opportunity to be featured :)

    Kindly let us know what the next steps are.

    Thank you!

  • Javier_Rivera

    Good morning,

    We would love to be featured.

    What is needed from me to be featured.

    I been in the flooring trade for over 25 years, since i was 13. This trade help me get through college, purchase my home and second home I rent out, and the chance to continue expanding my flooring store and installation business further every year.

    Thank you for the opportunity. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,704

    For all who are asking what next steps are — we are keeping track of all of our interested pros, and when a feature opportunity arises and if you're the right fit our team will reach out. Thank you all for sharing your amazing stories, and I look forward to working with you in the future!

  • XS_Events
    XS_Events Posts: 1

    I’m interested in being featured

  • dreambyweaverllc_98

    How Exciting,

    What a fantastic opportunity! I would absolutely love to become a featured pro. I offer Life Coaching, empowering women to live their most authentic smile filled life.

    Dream By Weaver LLC

    Kristin Weaver~ Life Coach

  • Ryan_Shephard

    Hello Thumbtack team and @DustiO !

    I’ve been using the platform as a professional musician for 4 years now and it’s changed the way I generate leads, interact with prospective clients, and win over clients in the best possible way. During this time I’ve become an expert in marketing my business and Thumbtack, and would love to give back to the community to help others do the same.

    The music market is a VERY growable space within the platform and after spending my entire corporate professional career in the software sales and development sector, I have been able to translate sales and marketing skills into pitching clients on my services. There’s a process I have put into place that not only helps me to stand out from competition, but also ensure the client feels comfortable with me and the Thumbtack platform. Networking and developing your story while putting the client first is the best way to create long term growth and sales!

    • Ryan Shephard (Thumbtack Top Pro 2021, 2022, & 2023)

  • RimonPro

    I am HVAC-Air Conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration & Food Service Equipment Expert, with 15 years of experience in the field. I am very interested in being a featured expert.

    Rimon Pro is your trusted commercial refrigeration and air conditioning service!

    Our expert technicians will arrive swiftly and take care of any of your business equipment needs!  We are devoted to providing highly competent and responsive services in New York and Brooklyn.

    Our customers are our first priority — all our customers receive individual attention and specific solutions to their problems. We are not a boilerplate service plan provider; we base our success on building relationships with individual customers.

  • mikemcleodmusic

    I’d sign up to be a featured expert. I’ve built a successful business here, and have numerous easy-to-implement ideas to improve the pro and user experience, especially for music entertainment

  • sandyzk12

    Good morning! Would love to be considered as a featured Pro Ghost~. Sandy K

  • marianaraqs

    Good morning! I’d love to be featured as a pro if you’re looking to highlight entertainment in PA, NJ, NY and DE. With 13 years experience entertaining up the east coast, my performances add wow and sparkle to any event!

  • DanielaMoura82

    Hi @DustiO My name is Daniela and I am interested!

    I am a Top pro platinum and I am really thankful to Thumbtack for being part of my history.

    At the time i started my business I was a widow single mom of three beautiful girls. I am originally from Brazil and english is not my first language. It Was a very difficult time for me, but i was decided not to give up.

    I used to work in construction in Brazil for almost 14 years, when i came to America. Here I had a dream to continue doing what i most love to do, remodel homes. And i did it!

    I started a business but i didn’t know how to find customers. Was when i found thumbtack and With thumbtack i got my first client and in my first year in business i made almost half million dollars.

    This is a very small part of my history. I can’t wait to use it to encourage other people, specially other women!

    Daniela Albuquerque


  • DJhyoctane_1

    Yes I would like to be featured as a thumbtack expert! I have a very unique story of how thumbtack helped my DJ company go from 2 DJs to 12 DJs, 8 MCs, a business assistant, vendor manager and more. We do over 200 events and weddings a year now! It afforded me to be able to retire early from my job in April 2022. I definitely have a story to tell. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Steve Anderson

  • EVSNotary

    Hi Dusti -

    I would like to become a featured expert. I started a Notary Business in November 2021. I was able to jumpstart my notary clientele using Thumbtack.

    Thanks, Roz