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At Thumbtack we are always looking for ways to amplify our pro voices and pro stories. If you are a Top Pro (a pro with Platinum rewards status), you are eligible to become a featured expert. We feature our pros in many ways, like:

  • Highlighting your stories or quotes in marketing materials or on our website
  • Connecting you with third party media outlets who are interested in talking to small business owners
  • Featuring your expertise in our Help Center
  • And more

If you are interested in being a featured expert, drop a comment below or send me a DM (@DustiO) and tell us about yourself (and why you think you'd be a good pro to feature) and we will reach out if there is an opportunity that comes up.


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    Hope everyone has a great week!

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    Very interested in becoming a Featured Expert. As a relationship / advice expert, trained at Columbia University with over 30 years experience, along with significant administrative/supervisory experience, there are few situations I haven't dealt with from parenting, marriage, business to gender and sexuality. To this end I was a VIP in the women's system in N.YC. I'm also an award-winning writer (including Emmy nominee), have been a radio host, and TV personality.I am branding a form of mentoring I call Strategic Relationship Thinking.

    I have a plethora of ideas and material I offer -- articles on virtually every relationship subject, as well as my experience on TT, quizzes, advice columns that can be archived.

    By all means let's talk. Marnie Macauley: (Google: Marnie Winston-Macauley) ...702 258 9904. [email protected]

    Thanks and LOVE TT. Would like to be more involved in the structure to benefit all.

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    I’m interested in being a featured expert.

    I am Timothy C. Wright, EdD aka Dr. TC, the managing member of both Capstone Action Research Tutor and Full Circle Entertainment respectively. I promote Education and Entertainment! “Edutainment” if you will.

    Full Circle Entertainment is a professional, licensed, and insured fulltime mobile entertainment company that plays the soundtrack of your life and desires to make memorable moments for you during your events. A DJ, or disc jockey, is a person who plays musical recordings for a living. This may take place in a variety of venues. Therefore, the person's exact role may vary, depending on the setting or the purpose of the music.

    Our goal is to provide music for any occasion that will not only move your feet but cause it to resonate with you mind, body and soul.

    Dr. Timothy C. Wright

    [email protected]


  • Good Morning! I am interested in becoming a featured expert. I started as a notary for my company, from there, I became a Signing Agent, I received my RON certification, and I became a field inspector and wedding officiant. Meanwhile, I was getting my certificate in Data Analytics and Visualization. I learned to create websites and I designed my own. Now I have my own website, my own LLC, and I work hard to market myself and establish my web presence. I work for 100% client satisfaction.

    -Christopher Barraza

    Barraza Professional Services, LLC


    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Mobile: 830-699-7093