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  • DustiO
    Inspiring stories from our pros: Segar LA
    Steven moved to LA with an idea and a lot of motivation. He turned that idea into a thriving business, with the help of Thumbtack. In his words: “We have never advertised and solely used Thumbtack to get new clients over the last fi…
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  • Mage
    How to Get New Students via Thumbtack!
    Hi lessons Pros! In this video I discuss how to get new students and how to succeed on the Thumbtack platform. Remember to be patient and work hard! 😎 Watch video: Let me know if you have any questions …
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  • rvgrand
    Max Lead Price Error
    How do I set max lead prices? Every time I try to click on anything related to the topic, I get an error message. One of the codes tell me to give this: 08518cf6247fdcab10190a672aebec48 to an engineer. Someone please help. I beli…
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  • UriahBeck
    Meet Thumbtack’s Premier Support Team.
    Thumbtack’s Premier Support Team is a group of highly skilled individuals with a passion for assisting pros in order to help them find the most success while using Thumbtack. While responding to calls and emails is the clear front r…
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  • rvgrand
    Now, lead prices are set by you and other pros - - - - If it works
    This message has been up on my services tab for a while now, but every time I click on it, the link is broken. Please fix or at least remove this.
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  • guptalalit43
    can I talk to "Real" support person on thumbtack
    Its really frustrating that thumbtack does not have any contact number for support. with fake leads eating my budget and no transparency on refund policy emails it is just making me think if it is worth even to stick to Thumbtack. …
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  • kostlover
    1 Hour Response Time…
    I am an Organizer. I am blessed with the Leads and referrals that I receive from Thumbtack, and I work 5-6 days per week. Lately, I have worked many 12 hour days. As an Organizer, (and I am sure other Pros in similar fields can rel…
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  • kostlover
    Problems With Lead Refunds
    I am having significant problems with my requests for lead refunds. A recent one was exceptionally frustrating. I received a lead request from a client who canceled within 5 minutes of her request. I tried to immediately respond…
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  • Trhalowell_71
    Top pro badge
    Just curious, how do you get the top pro badge displayed. Sometimes I have sometimes I don’t. Is it points? As of now I have 5200 points and the badge is not displayed. Thank you for your time. Troy.
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  • Nancy1005
    Need more Leads/Advertise Advice
    I am a wedding Officiant. I have done very well this summer. But leads and jobs are dwindling. I live in a beautiful Florida tourist destination. I need business to pick up this fall and winter.
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  • DustiO
    Back to school tips?
    Heya fellow parents or anyone going back to school themselves! My son (my youngest) is getting ready to go into his sophomore year of high school and I just. can't. even. believe. it. So crazy how fast time flies, especially the las…
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  • DustiO
    [Closed] July Contest: Add your profile photo.
    This is your space to connect with other business owners in your area or industry — to share ideas, exchange best practices, get help on challenges and celebrate wins together. To help make this feel more like a Community space, we …
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  • ShaquealThomas
    Thumbtack tips
    Once you are locked in on thumbtack it’s a routine I wake up normally around this time and double check my leads even when I have a project that day. here’s a few tips I would like to share. following up with clients are key normall…
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  • Meckell
    July Pro Highlights
    "Our favorite thing about what we do is getting the opportunity to participate in our customers’ big life experiences by delivering a high-quality and stress-free service. The joy and relief we provide to our clients are what k…
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  • AngelaKeshavjee
    I’m a Personal Trainer and I continuously experience customers wasting my money with asking how much my services are? It is show 3x before they get to my profile. That is $31 that I’m charged, because they choose not to read. I also…
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  • Julia
    Community at Thumbtack - APAC Tacks
    Introducing APAC Tacks, Thumbtack's Employee Resource Group for Asian and Pacific Islander employees. Their mission is to create a safe space of solidarity across diverse Asian identities. "When people think about ERGs, you mig…
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  • DustiO
    Community Member Shoutout - Over 100 reviews!
    We have some professionals in our Community with over 100 reviews at over 4.5 rating. That is not an easy thing to accomplish, so I wanted to take a moment to give them a shout out! Congrats on this incredible accomplishment! @bill1…
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  • DustiO
    [GROUP HIGHLIGHT] Women on Thumbtack
    I was really inspired when I saw this thread in our Women on Thumbtack group. I love watching pros connect over shared experiences - that's why we're all here! If you haven't already, check out the group and join to start connectin…
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  • miachristina
    How do I actually get the benefits from my platinum rewards?
    I have similar grievances to the above posts. My account is platinum, yet I cannot get the help I need. I have emailed many times and gotten no response. The "chat" is not available, it says they will return tomorrow but i…
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  • Meckell
    April Pro Highlights
    “Our favorite things to assemble are playsets. We think of them as big Lego sets and the results are so satisfying. Before Thumbtack, we had very few jobs and very little confidence. Thumbtack has changed everything for us and we’re…
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  • DustiO
    March Contest: Spring Projects
    Spring is in the air! We reached 60 degrees in Salt Lake today and I am here. for. it. Springtime always gets me in the mood for projects - in my home, in my yard, or at work. It's a time when I feel inspired by the freshness of a n…
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  • sueferrer
    Oakland/SF Bay Area Life Coaches?
    Hi, All! It's coming up on one year, since I returned to working for myself 100%, and I realize that I am missing having colleagues. Plus, I find socializing with other entrepreneurs very helpful. Ideally, I'd like to meet some o…
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  • Danielle_Penn
    Checking In on Everyone!
    Hello Everyone and Happy March!  I am reaching out to see how we are all doing? Conducting a little check-in, how is the year progressing? I am hoping to hear that many of you have new bookings on the calendar and the highs and lows…
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  • Jessie
    Community at Thumbtack - Women
    The mission of Thumbtack's Women’s Employee Resource Group is to cultivate an inclusive community for those who have been affected by gender inequality. Along with their allies, they aim to uplift the community through education and…
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  • Elle__38
    ☀ Holy schmolley batwoman/batman☀
    Mardi Gras (3/1), which ends the Carnival season 🎶 🎭 🎡 and Fat Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday (also a New Moon, jus' sayin') which harkens in the Lenten season, are upon us. Even if these observances mean nothing to you, MARC…
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  • Meckell
    February Pro Higlights
    “Organizing people’s homes helps us give back peace of mind, freedom and time to our customers. Thumbtack has helped so much in matching us with our ideal clients. Being awarded Platinum Pro Rewards status means our true purpose has…
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  • Elle__38
    Astrology RN
    Most of us have heard about the U.S. PLUTO RETURN which happens this month (2/20/2022). This return only happens every 248 years so it's a biggie! You can certainly get more info on the web, if interested, and also tune into the …
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  • Elle__38
    2/16 Full Moon Astrology asks What's Holding You Back?
    If this interests you, follow the link for a lotbof good, usable info.
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  • DustiO
    Valentine's Day: Love What You Do.
    In honor of this day celebrating love, we asked pros in our Community to share what they love about being an entrepreneur, and here's what they had to say: “I love the process! As an entrepreneur there are a lot of things that will …
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  • DustiO
    [HIGHLIGHT] New Group: Bienestar
    I don't know about you, but I have set out to practice a lot more self care in 2022 (something I think most of us could use more of). One of our new Community members, @Elle__38 started a new group, that focuses on overall wellness,…
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  • Michelle
    Community at Thumbtack - Noble Tacks
    N.O.B.L.E. stands for Network of Black Leaders and Employees. The ERG’s mission is to foster an environment that supports and empowers Black employees at Thumbtack. In June, NOBLEtacks organized a Juneteenth celebration which featur…
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