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  • DustiO
    Inspiring stories from our pros: Segar LA
    Steven moved to LA with an idea and a lot of motivation. He turned that idea into a thriving business, with the help of Thumbtack. In his words: “We have never advertised and solely used Thumbtack to get new clients over the last fi…
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  • Mage
    How to Get New Students via Thumbtack!
    Hi lessons Pros! In this video I discuss how to get new students and how to succeed on the Thumbtack platform. Remember to be patient and work hard! 😎 Watch video: Let me know if you have any questions …
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  • Bretdouglas
    Do you make $200,000 to $300,000 a year from thumbtack leads
    You could be. How often do you take time to work on your profile. To study your market and your competition My name is Brett douglas, I've been a top role in this platforms ever since it started. Every single quarter every single …
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  • DustiO
    Your insight is needed! How often should homeowners do these projects?
    Hi Pros! We’re relaunching our Home Care Price Index which looks at the cost of maintaining your home in cities across the country and would love your insight! We pulled together a list of essential home maintenance projects and how…
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  • Bretdouglas
    Hope your leads are awesome
    Hey everybody it's Brett douglas, a top pro, from Orlando florida. I hope that each and every one of you are getting an incredible amount of leads and are able to sell and close out on the deals. It seems like we are starting to see…
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  • Bretdouglas
    Have a great thumbtack day
    Hello everybody. Just wanted to wish all the pros a great day. May it be your best business day ever warm regards Brett
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  • Bretdouglas
    How are you doing. This is your time to shine. What can we do to help you achieve success
    Hello top pros and fellow people using the best platform in america. Thumbtack is proven to not only increase your bottom line but to be a partner to make you succeed in your business in all your business decisions. I truly believe …
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  • DustiO
    Be a featured expert.
    At Thumbtack we are always looking for ways to amplify our pro voices and pro stories. If you are a Top Pro (a pro with Platinum rewards status), you are eligible to become a featured expert. We feature our pros in many ways, like: …
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  • Bretdouglas
    Thumbtack leads were amazing this week
    Just wanted to show my gratitude to thumbtack.we got 19 leads this week in Florida for landscape. Little over $400 was spent
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  • Bretdouglas
    Thank you so much for working tirelessly to help pros on this platform. From all the different ideas that you always generate to the different events that you're always asking us to participate in to feel like we're part of a team. …
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  • Bretdouglas
    Don't give up. You got this.
    Hello fellow pros. This is Brett from florida. I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for all of your successes and that you have a great week. We are so blessed to have received over 14 leads this week and we have already sold o…
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  • Bretdouglas
    Sales are picking up
    Hey everybody. I hope your thumbtack is picking up. We started Monday with seven new leads. We have sold four of the jobs Whoop whoop
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  • DustiO
    SPRING CONTEST: Curb appeal
    Spring is nearly upon us — from spring cleaning to home projects, this can be a really busy time of year. But we still want to see your work! For this season's contest we want to see your "curb appeal projects". Share your…
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  • JenMannarelli
    Interested in being a featured expert.
    I am very interested in being a featured expert! SOOOO many people are on the Diet RollerCoaster & they can't quite figure out how to get off & stay off! That's where I come in! With clarity and structure, I help clients get…
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  • DustiO
    Calling our plumbing professionals!
    We have an upcoming opportunity featuring a plumbing professional. I'm tagging in our plumbing pros who have visited the Community this week. If you see this and are interested in learning more (it's time sensitive), please comment …
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  • pedrojales
    Finding Monday Motivation: 3 Tips for Success
    Mondays. For many, it’s a day that brings a mix of emotions. However, for business owners, Mondays hold a unique significance. It’s the day to set the tone for the rest of the week, to harness motivation, and to steer the ship towar…
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  • Bretdouglas
    Thumbtack working on the future
    I am excited to see Thumbtack reaching out to pros and starting discussion boards working on different things. They realize there are some pricing pain points and some frustration for the top pros and pros using the app. The very na…
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  • KW_CleaningCo2024
    Payment has gone missing
    Customer paid $280. Somehow, payment has gone missing in the earnings que. we had 3 customer that made payments but only 2 reached the earnings que. I called customer service and they said they would investigate. They weren’t any h…
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  • 4seasonscontractors
    Be careful with TT, please read this post
    I will keep this as short as possible. Signed up with TT many months ago. Without a clear explanation our account was never "activated" even though they took our $300. After a month + of trying to get our account workin…
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  • Gary_GMPMContracting
    Leads, unreponsive customer,
    I started 3 months ago, 1st couple of months went well, and My closing ratio was over 50% I have 18 reviews all 5 stars but last month I sent most of the leads and was not able to close one way or another. Mainly Unresponsive Cust…
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  • HandyTFixers1
    good luck to everyone and good customers
    good luck to everyone and good customers
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  • september_marie77
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  • DustiO
    14 free tools every small business can use
    Starting and managing a business is expensive. Odds are you’re on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget. Luckily there are a lot of resources, websites and apps that can help you run your small business more efficiently. Here …
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  • Bythenumbers19
    Michelle Full Charge Business Solutions
    Hi everyone, Thumbtack has been incredible for our business. We do bookkeeping, accounting and taxes. We Just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. I have reached platinum status and am so grateful. Thank you Thumbtack and to all of ou…
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  • Bretdouglas
    Thumbtack works if you work it
    Hello fellow pros and top pros in the community. I just wanted to take a minute to send my gratitude to thumbtack and all the great people who work there. Sometimes as contractors we get caught up and just running our own business …
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  • DustiO
    Feature opportunity: Have you helped a homeowner preserve or restore something?
    Hey Pros! We're looking for anyone that has a story of helping a TT customer preserve anything that was of value to them. This could be as big as working on a historic home to something smaller like preserving a wedding dress. Hopin…
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  • Vlad
    non-transparent refund policy + unsupportive support = frustrated customer
    I would never have registered on the forum if it weren’t for the constant negative experience of communicating with the application’s support service regarding refunds for incorrect leads. I don’t know what you changed in your rules…
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  • Vlad
    Shadow ban for leads?
    Hi Guys, I hope to find and advice or answer for my question. Input data: I'm Top Pro (Actually Top-5 Pro in my area) 138 reviews with 4.8 rating 100% answer for leads. Average speed of answer for the lead - 2 minutes Budget - unli…
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  • guptalalit43
    can I talk to "Real" support person on thumbtack
    Its really frustrating that thumbtack does not have any contact number for support. with fake leads eating my budget and no transparency on refund policy emails it is just making me think if it is worth even to stick to Thumbtack. …
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  • Robgs3tx
    Back Ground Check
    i became a pro a month ago and receiving leads however not allowed to contact any lead due to a prompt background check is processing. i am a certified licensed teacher in GPISD so no issues with background.
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  • Parsons_Construction
    Hello!! I’d like to become a featured expert!! I specialize in sliding door repair. Also a handyman that continues satisfy customers. My focus is quality. I never cut corners, even when it's more expensive. Some of my competitors ar…
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  • Sydney_Champion
    Interested in being featured on Thumbtack? Share your best tips for home projects!
    Hi Thumbtack Pro Community! I'm the content marketing manager at Thumbtack, and I'm looking for home care professionals to submit their best tips for repairing, maintaining and improving a home! Interested? Please submit your best t…
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