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  • DustiO
    Thumbtack Proud
    For Pride Month, we'll share stories and resources from Proudtacks, Thumbtack's Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ2IA+ employees and their allies. Until then, whether you party at home, or celebrate out and about, have a Happy #Pride…
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  • Meckell
    Check out this article featuring one of our amazing Community leaders
    Happy Friday everyone! We just wanted to share this article that features one of our amazing Community leaders @BITBLeah. Be sure to check it out!
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  • DustiO
    [Video] Watch our first AMA with a Community Leader!
    We had our first ever pro lead Ask Me Anything yesterday with Roger (@perrysto), a Community Leader and Thumbtack Pro. Watch the recording to hear his experiences and advice for running a successful business. Roger answered the foll…
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  • DustiO
    March Featured Posts
    In the spirit of building this Community with our pros, we wanted to take this chance to highlight some of your most engaging, constructive, or helpful posts from this month.  Your contributions to the Community have been thoughtful…
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  • BITBLeah
    [Video] Women's Thumbtack Pro Panel
    In honor of Women's History Month, we came together as a group of women Thumbtack pros. As a panel we shared our thoughts on entrepreneurship, overcoming obstacles, and how Thumbtack has helped us grow our businesses. The panel incl…
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  • PlexMultiserviceLLC
    Do You Have The "WANT"
    Everyone here on Thumbtack has the WANT, but how much want do you have, & do you have employees working for you with that same WANT. Right Now your here reading, wanting technique, so the best inspiration i can give you is to f…
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  • Danielle_Penn
    International Women's Day
    Here are some questions to think about today, on International Women's Day: Tell me about your business. How did you get started? I have always loved photography and decided to intern while being an office manager for a dental offic…
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  • DustiO
    Women's History Month: Redefining women’s work
    Kicking off Women’s History Month, we wanted to share the story of one inspiring woman from Thumbtack. Top Pro Jess Baldwin became a painter against the odds. She tells us how she found her niche and gives back to the community. &qu…
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  • DustiO
    Women's History Month: Community over competition
    Wedding photographer Karen Salinas got her start thanks to the mentorship of others. And now, she’s paying it forward. “My dad gave me my first camera on my 18th birthday. He was always supportive of my hobbies – even though a lot o…
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  • DustiO
    Inspiring stories from our pros - Steve S.
    A 4 time Top Pro, with nearly 900 hires, Steve S is a handyman in San Francisco. But 7 years ago Steve didn’t even own a screwdriver! He shared his incredible journey with us:  “In 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer…
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  • DustiO
    Inspiring stories from our pros - An L.
    An L, a Boston area photographer, shared how she has been able to give back to her community during this difficult time. After virtually all of her upcoming bookings were cancelled she joined forces with the Front Steps Project - a…
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