Best Gauge Nail Gun for Molding Reattachment

I have a TV mounting project to do this weekend and the customer is asking for wire concealment.  part of that process will involve removing the bottom floor molding and then reattaching it. What is the best gauge nail gun to reattach the bottom floor molding? In my research, I see three different types of gauge nail gun-16, 18, and 23. Which gauge would be the best for this project?  In terms of the type of cordless air gun, I am partial to Ryobi.


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    @TechExpert do you have any advice for this pro? Thanks in advance!

  • Generally, you'll want to use a 16-gauge 2-1/2" finish nail for baseboards, although you may be able to get by with an 18-gauge 2-1/8" brad for some thinner baseboard material. You can also use 18-gauge shorter brads for reinstallation of base shoe and smaller mouldings.