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  • Michelle
    Community at Thumbtack - Noble Tacks
    N.O.B.L.E. stands for Network of Black Leaders and Employees. The ERG’s mission is to foster an environment that supports and empowers Black employees at Thumbtack. In June, NOBLEtacks organized a Juneteenth celebration which featur…
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  • DustiO
    [VIRTUAL EVENT] Making cards for kids at St Jude Children's Hospital.
    As you know, in December we held a virtual pro event where you voted on a nonprofit to receive a $10,000 grant - and St Jude Children's Hospital was the winner. Sending them that donation was one of the best "work" moments…
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  • Chefjjens
    Sponsorship, selling advertising for TV show
    I received an opportunity to host a cooking show that will be airing on multiple streaming services (reaching 88 million households). My question is: what the best way is to find potential sponsors and or advertisers?
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  • Meckell
    January Pro Highlights
    I love providing a safe space to tackle what may not come easy for some people. I truly believe a clear space provides a clear mind. Thumbtack has provided a way for me to connect with people directly and safely and allows me to hon…
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  • DustiO
    Giving back, together: Holiday celebration follow-up.
    We want to share our gratitude with all the Pro Rewards members who helped us select St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as the recipient of a $10k grant during our Pro Rewards Holiday Celebration. Together, we’re making a diffe…
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  • DustiO
    Year in Review: Looking back, looking forward.
    Before we begin tackling our plans for 2022, we’re taking a moment to look back and recognize all the achievements of 2021. In another year marked by significant shifts to our daily ways of life, Thumbtack pros and customers have be…
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  • DustiO
    Happy New Year! Tips from your Community Leaders.
    Welcome back, everyone! We hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready to hit the ground running in 2022! We asked our Community Leaders, and your fellow Thumbtack pros, to share some of their best tips for the new year. And here’s …
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  • DustiO
    ICYMI: Our Virtual Holiday Celebration
    In case you missed it, here is a recording of our virtual Holiday Celebration from earlier this week. You'll hear from pros who are giving back to their communities, a thank you from Thumbtack's co-founder, and more. You can also do…
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  • DustiO
    [POLL] What are the best ways to give back to our communities?
    In the spirit of the season, we would love to know what ways you give back to your communities! Share ideas - and if you have a story about giving back, we want to hear it in the comments - and maybe you'll be featured here in the C…
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  • Meckell
    November Pro Highlights
    "My favorite thing about what I do is being able to help people when they need something to be notarized right then — and being a mobile notary, I'm able to come to all my clients quickly. To be a successful business owner, you…
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  • DustiO
    Meet Anastacio “Stat” Valverde.
    A 4-year Top Pro and current Platinum pro, Stat can make it look easy. But he shares: “One of the biggest challenges I face as a business owner (and many others say the same), is self doubt.” Stat has faced that self doubt head on a…
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  • Meckell
    October Pro Highlights
    “I love owning my own business because It allows me to work my own schedule and enhance my quality of life. I also get to share my love for food — and Thumbtack has provided the bridge necessary for me to create a memorable experien…
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  • DustiO
    Meet the faces behind Thumbtack.
    After a recent Thumbtack success workshop, community member and Platinum pro @ParuGambhir shared, “All these years we’ve grown up with TT - it was great to see the people behind the scenes.”  And a Boston area Thumbtack pro told us,…
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  • DustiO
    Wedding photography discussion
    @Noble_Canon posted a really great discussion topic in the Wedding Photographers group that I wanted to highlight for the wedding industry pros in the Community. You can read the full post here, but he talks about how to handle larg…
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  • Meckell
    Meet Adriana.
    Meet Florida chef Adriana, and hear what she thinks about being an entrepreneur. What’s your favorite thing about what you do? The best part of what I do is meeting new people all the time, being creative in every event that I have …
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  • Meckell
    National Suicide Prevention Week
    It’s National Suicide Prevention Week. We’ll be sharing resources about mental health, mental illness, and suicide prevention help on our social media channels. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see more.
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  • Meckell
    August Pro Highlights
    "Thumbtack has been a pivotal tool in allowing my wife and I to grow our business. When you are getting started, no matter how good your work may be, if you don’t have a means to connect with people, you can’t get very far. Thu…
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  • Jenn
    Community at Thumbtack - Parents
    At Thumbtack, we champion the working parent. The Parents ERG was created to ensure employees who are parents and caregivers feel empowered and supported by providing a community. Improving policies and company norms is an important…
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  • Suzanne
    Community at Thumbtack - TackVets
    At Thumbtack, we're proud to support our TackVets, an employee resource group (ERG) that fosters an open environment for Veterans. TackVets and their allies recognize important military related dates throughout the year such as Mili…
    Suzanne 31 views 5 comments Most recent by DustiO
  • Larkin
    Community at Thumbtack - ProudTacks
    The mission of ProudTacks is to ensure all LGBTQ2IA+ employees feel welcome and supported at Thumbtack through inclusive workplace policies, fostering a sense of belonging and by providing an educational, informative, fun and safe s…
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  • Jamie
    Community at Thumbtack - Access
    Checking in with employees on their health - mentally and physically - is important at Thumbtack. The mission of our Access Employee Resource Group is to build an inclusive community that will support members and improve the broader…
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  • Danielle_Penn
    The Transition ... From Summer to Fall as a Pro...
    I see summer is starting to come to an end as we are inching closer and closer towards Labor Day Weekend. Last-minute vacations starting to calm. With that in mind, how are all you pros doing? Are you scheduling out, staying booked…
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  • Miriam
    Community at Thumbtack - ¡VAMOS!
    Meet ¡VAMOS!, Thumbtack's Employee Resource Group for Latinx employees. Their mission is to develop and support members of Thumbtack's Latinx community to ensure they realize their full potential. Some of their work includes career …
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  • DustiO
    Community at Thumbtack - Employee Resource Groups
    At Thumbtack, we hold ourselves accountable to build an inclusive community that celebrates our differences. The Employee Resource Groups are one of the ways we make sure that everyone has a place here. This month, we'll be featurin…
    DustiO 221 views 0 comments Started by DustiO
  • DustiO
    July Pro Highlights
    “I interned for six months before starting Danielle Penn Photography, and Thumbtack was the reason I was able to branch off on my own. I have now been a wedding photographer since 2014, and I thoroughly enjoy capturing love stories …
    DustiO 41 views 4 comments Most recent by Jay_Tharian
  • DustiO
    Pride month employee and pro highlights
    "Don't stop fighting for what you believe in. You always have a huge network of support from people you may not even know yet. One thing I love about the LGBTQ2IA+ community is the level of unspoken love and respect we all have…
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  • Larkin
    Here and Queer: A Q&A with ProudTacks’ Milo and Larkin
    “From the beginning, I felt respected and validated for exactly who I was. I am excited to be a part of Thumbtack’s continued efforts in recognizing and celebrating marginalized identities in the future.” For Pride Month, Milo (they…
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  • DustiO
    Thumbtack Proud
    For Pride Month, we'll share stories and resources from Proudtacks, Thumbtack's Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ2IA+ employees and their allies. Until then, whether you party at home, or celebrate out and about, have a Happy #Pride…
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  • Meckell
    Check out this article featuring one of our amazing Community leaders
    Happy Friday everyone! We just wanted to share this article that features one of our amazing Community leaders @BITBLeah. Be sure to check it out!
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  • DustiO
    [Video] Watch our first AMA with a Community Leader!
    We had our first ever pro lead Ask Me Anything yesterday with Roger (@perrysto), a Community Leader and Thumbtack Pro. Watch the recording to hear his experiences and advice for running a successful business. Roger answered the foll…
    DustiO 31 views 0 comments Started by DustiO

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