Being more competitive?

I get these notices that I’m not being too competitive in my pricing on some things. I’ve always been a fair price with the cost of a vehicle used for work. Truck payment, gas, insurance and upkeep. I shouldn’t have to lower my prices to compete with someone that’s lowballing prices to get work. I am in the need to up my price. My work is well worth the money someone pays out to have me complete their job. People need to realize that we are a pro service and it is not for dirt cheap.

i cannot bring my prices or pay more for leads because everyone else is doing it. Well fellow pro’s, we should not be scared to charge what the job is worth. Nor should we build a business that we are making enough money to be hand to mouth. My customers are aware that I may not be the cheapest pro available, but you get what you pay for. We all could be lucrative if we all used our brains together instead of an individual that underbids jobs.

some jobs I look at what I pay for the lead and then adjust pricing accordingly. 9 times out of ten I get the job. But we all need to do the same things or we will never make money. My insights to business is be who you are, if you do shoddy work by all means charge cheaper and say why. These customers are looking for honesty in pricing. If your work can back up your pricing maybe take it up a notch and make what the job is worth.

if you keep working for less and less, you’ll never get anywhere. Don’t do this to yourselves and your community. I want everyone to be successful and not live hand to mouth, but build a savings. Customers will pay what the job is worth, have faith and you will see. Your worth more than you think!


  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 72

    @WellDoneWork when you get these notices it’s because your price per lead is too low compared to others in your area, but based on the price you charge for jobs.

    Check out your services tab and adjust your max price per lead to be more/less competitive.