Thumbtack Giveback — Pros who are good at giving back.

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In the spirit of our Thumbtack Giveback event, we wanted to highlight some pros from our Community who are good at giving back — to their local communities and to their fellow Thumbtack pros.

@busyb Beth Blacker, a Thumbtack Top Pro and Pro Advisor shares, “I was raised to believe that when you give in life you get back, so I never hesitate to find a way to offer my services for free or at a significant discount when someone needs it.”

“I’m engaged in a lot of different nonprofits and organizations that focus on helping anyone struggling financially, physically or mentally. I help people learn to let go of things and set them up with sustainable solutions to better manage the contents of their homes. I spend countless hours coaching clients so that they ultimately feel better about their surroundings and therefore dramatically improve their quality of life.”

“On December 30, 2021, the Boulder, CO area experienced a massive fire that destroyed 1,100 homes and displaced 40,000 people. I immediately jumped into action to help. When I went to buy dozens of pillows for fire victims, the person behind me offered to pay for everything. You never know what the ripple effect will be when you reach out a helping hand.”

“If and when I might need my community to help me in a crisis, I choose to believe good karma will come back in my favor.”

We are inspired every day by the amazing things that the pros in this community do. If you have a story to share about how you give back or someone you know who gives back, please comment below, or send us a DM (@DustiO). And, don’t forget to nominate a nonprofit to receive a grant from Thumbtack this holiday season (nominations due by midnight tonight, November 20, 2023).


  • She is an amazing person.i really enjoyed meeting her last summer. She is definitely focused on her clients and has such a great feeling towards them. Her business model of caring during her clients difficult times is admirable. To Beth it seems it's not about the money it's about her mission in life to help people. I am honored to know her as a friend and a mentor and a fellow pro advisory board member

  • DustiO
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    @Bretdouglas I feel lucky to know both of you and to have you here in this Community and on our Pro Advisory Board!

  • I know that I met you many years ago and you're driving ambition and caring about the pros is something to be admired. I know that every time we roll out a new program everybody gets a little confused. As a top pro in my area I know that I was scared to death too. We all just have to work through it together keep an open mind and just share with each other what's going on. I am determined that Thumbtack will work The kinks out of this and it will be a great platform for all of us. Thank you for being a great north star and a voice of reason for us to bounce ideas off. Thumbtack is very lucky to have you Dusti

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    Thanks @DustiO for highlighting my passion for helping my community anyway I can. I do believe we all need to find ways to pay it forward and hope that Thumbtack will eventually create a charitable foundation to make it possible for pros to tap into for clients that truly need help but may not be able to afford it. And thanks as well @Bretdouglas for the extremely kind words! I know you are equally passionate about helping members of your community as well. We all have to figure out how to make it through the days, weeks, months and years but the struggle is so real for far too many people.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!