Be careful with TT, please read this post


I will keep this as short as possible. Signed up with TT many months ago. Without a clear explanation our account was never "activated" even though they took our $300. After a month + of trying to get our account working with no success I simply asked for a refund and close the account. Guess what, no refunds allowed. Why, I have no idea since the account was never activated and never once received a single lead. The next issue is at TT you can NEVER talk to an actual live person, EVER. After a lot of back and frothing with email and their useless excuse of a chat version to communicate we told them simply keep the $300 not worth the energy anymore. We spend well over $50k/year with Angi's and I see why they are the biggest and best. We have a dedicated rep who we can call or email with quick responses. Just a heads up re our experience and first timers trying to get a TT account open. DO NOT PAY THEM until it is clear your account is ready to be activated. They took our $300, never activated our account and won't process a refund, poor business tactics.