non-transparent refund policy + unsupportive support = frustrated customer

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I would never have registered on the forum if it weren’t for the constant negative experience of communicating with the application’s support service regarding refunds for incorrect leads.

I don’t know what you changed in your rules, but if before there was still a chance to return money for an empty lead, now in 99% of cases I get a refusal.

last example:

In our state, you need a city permit and a GC license to install entrance doors. Therefore, in the application I noted that I do not provide such a service. Nevertheless, I receive such orders, and the support service refuses to return them.

Moreover, communication with the support service turns into correspondence using scripts. I have already thoroughly learned all the answers from your managers, and it is somewhat annoying when they, without obviously solving my problem, ask if they can help with anything.

YES! They can - solve my problem, and don’t kick me off with the phrases “Your call is very important for us.” If my appeal is so important to you, then try to solve my problem.

I pay quite a lot for leads. And I’m ready to pay for even more leads. But I want transparency in business relations, and not answers in the style of “Go read our rules, we indicated there that in any case you yourself are an idiot, and we do not bear any responsibility.

@DustiO As I understood you're the person who can help. Could you please help me?



  • Got this lead yesterday the number that is put down is for a manager at an apartment complex in Chicago Illinois. I’m in Georgia and they did not put in the request in for work I talked to them but I still get denied the refund on this bad lead some one using someone else’s number and sending fake leads. There needs to be at least 2FA for every thumbtack account to help weed out these bad scam leads.@DustiO can you help with his refund

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    As previously mentioned, I am not able to help with refunds. I would recommend following up with if a refund was denied and you want to dispute that.

  • Thank you @DustiO i will try but they have been little to no help on these bad leads.

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    If you do, let me know. If there is a case for me to follow up on then I can get more insight!

  • I just got off the phone with thumbtack support over an hour trying to address the lead and they are completely refusing to refund this lead I’m close to atl ga and this is not even a local number in my area I even talked to the number provided name doesn’t even match the voicemail and they said they did not put in the lead they live in Chicago Illinois they don’t even know where Cartersville ga is how is this helping small businesses and pros.

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    I am sorry to hear this, that does sound really frustrating. If I hear of improvements to this (ie the 2FA you have mentioned) I will be sure to post about it here in the Community. I will look into the case from your call today and see if I can offer any more insight, too.

  • @DustiO thank you I appreciate you looking into this it is extremely frustrating I think the 2FA would be a great step in the right direction to help protect us pros from scam leads.

  • I receive direct leads to my account and have not received any follow up response from any of them. I have tried to communicate with the people requesting services via phone call and text. I have received no response. If they are just kicking tires then I shouldn't have to pay for that.

  • Oh but you do. Thumbtack doesn't care if you make any money. They stopped treating pros as customers and just see us as ATM machines. They are running their own business into the ground

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    @Vlad sending you a DM!

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    Thumbtack has changed over the years. They work with small business all over the country and expect small business to pay 100% of leads, typically $50 a lead that 10 people are fighting over. That’s $500 in Thumbtacks pocket and only one person wins the lead. Only one person is actually going to make money, if they are lucky! They’ve changed their return policy time and time again to benefit them and robbing the pros. We are fighting to make ends meet as professionals in an economy that’s not fair to small business and lead costs are getting out of hand. Talking to anyone in their service line is like talking to a wall. We’ve hit a dead end regarding what to do. Customers don’t know that them picking 6 people means all 6 pros are getting charged $20-80 a lead. Thumbtack is greedy! It’s absolutely shameful the way their corporate greed has affected the small timers just trying to make it right.

  • I have been using Thumbtack for a few years now and have experienced everything other posters here have mentioned.

    The VAST MAJORITY of the leads I receive never even look at the responses I send to them....even if I respond within a few minutes of the lead coming in. The phone numbers/emails listed for these leads never work (and I do mean NEVER).

    I am often charged upwards of $50 for these bogus leads. As a side note, I am a wedding officiant who charges a one-time $210 for my services. Even if the "leads" were legit, how does TT justify charging $50 for leads that never even read my responses for a $210 job?

    TT used to issue refunds for leads that did not look at the pro's response (as long as the pro responded to the initial correspondence within 4 hours). And this was back when leads generally cost me between $8-15. No longer.

    I also get an inordinate number of double leads (same lead sent and charged for twice)...of course, phone numbers/emails never work. All of my refund requests get denied. This should be a no brainer and we shouldn't even need to ASK for a refund for such things!

    Then I get many leads who cancel their project and TT won't refund for this either.

    These practices all seem very shady....especially since it seems that many pros are dealing with identical issues, accross all types of small businesses.



  • Agree with a majority of folks here about Thumbtack becoming more non trustworthy, greedy, and having little to no support for their pros these days.

    I've needed to ask for more refunds on more leads the last 2 years because of suspicious fake ones - some who never see a message or respond, and or have invalid contact information, and bad ones we even declined that we don't want back!

    Btw, taking away the credit given back for no lead responding in a day was a great feature that set you apart from others before, but I clearly see now that that was taken away so Thumbtack could keep more of the $ and keep the power to deny us more. Aanyhow, the point is it's much more that I've tracked which is concerning, and which does take away the from the experience overall.

    I don't expect all refund requests will pass, but rarely get any approved for the last 2 years! And especially for ones I know I should, like a lead that I know is a scam because the fake lead has come in twice and we found out. We sometimes find things out that Thumbtack terms or support don't know and they always send an automated message claiming they looked into it and that we should appreciate getting in front of their contact for free excuse. In reality, we typically are paying for your platform and service by paying for overpriced leads or bad ones.

    I have put in numerous requests for change and suggestions, especially ways to support the pros too and non ever made it so clearly there is no support for pros. This year is starting off the same that it motivated me to write! I never get to a real person who can make a real solution or change. Many Pros I know are just as frustrated. There is/was potential for this to be a better than other platforms who are also known to use their pros and provide bad leads, but they're just the same as those others now.