Hope your leads are awesome


Hey everybody it's Brett douglas, a top pro, from Orlando florida. I hope that each and every one of you are getting an incredible amount of leads and are able to sell and close out on the deals. It seems like we are starting to see more and more leads here in the Orlando area and I'm super excited to have a great summer

If you need any help working on your profile or doing anything to get more success please reach out to anybody at Thumbtack or top pros like myself who are on the pro advisory board. I can be reached always at 386-500-8217 if you look at my profile I've been a top pro ever since 2018. All I strive to do is to lift up other vendors just like me. Together we can be the greatest asset for thumbtack

Warm regards Brett


  • Bretdouglas
    Bretdouglas Posts: 78

    Thumbtack is the greatest lead generation app because top pros love to help other top pros. We want to see you succeed just like we are doing. If I can do anything to assist you I will gladly help.