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I started 3 months ago, 1st couple of months went well, and My closing ratio was over 50% I have 18 reviews all 5 stars but last month I sent most of the leads and was not able to close one way or another.


  1. Unresponsive Customer - I get a direct lead, I call no answer, I text no response for multiple attempts, ( I asked for a refund as I have no way to verify if the lead is valid or not, Thumbtack disapproved my request)
  2. Customer Change mind: After spending time, and going through the process, they drop the plan to do work. ( Customer cancels the lead but Refund is not provided)
  3. False information ( Customer claims she is not in my state and she never requested but her phone number and name is valid) No Refund

I have tried multiple ways and argued with thumbtack support via email and phone but they keep saying they don't have a refund policy for Unresponsive customer or people changing their minds.

Also have a question, Does anyone know if they send direct leads they send to other pros same leads and how many pros?

This should be the cost of doing business for thumbtack just like we still pay for customers who communicate with us and choose other pros for one reason or another.

Is there a way to get a refund it added up to a few hundred dollars

any help will be greatly appreciated


  • DustiO
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    Hi @Gary_GMPMContracting thanks for stopping by and posting!

    To answer your questions:

    1. Thumbtack doesn't "send" leads to anyone. Customers reach out directly to the pros they choose. If they don't respond it may be that they have decided not to do the project, or have reached out to another pro and decided to go with them.
    2. If you have a screenshot of a customer stating that they never made the request, I would send that screenshot to support and follow up on a denied refund. I don't know if the request will be approved, but it is worth a try.
    3. Thumbtack is working on customer education and customer commitment so I am confident you will see some improvement moving forward. However, there will always be the human element of customers just ghosting/canceling/changing their mind unfortunately.
    4. @ShaquealThomas has had some great experience with customers coming back later on and hiring him and has good advice for handling unresponsive customers.

    If you want to chat with other pros you can always join our bi-weekly CommuniTEA meetings over Zoom. Check those and our webinars out here — hope to see you!

  • Mrfixit
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    I have been on thumbtack for 7 years and they have gotten significantly worse. They used to refund unresponsive leads or leads that don’t read your responses but now they just take my money and don’t refund anything. Even if it’s canceled right away. I have been a top pro for years and when I call they patronize me at first then say sorry there’s nothing they can do. It absolutely ridiculous. They act like they don’t send multiple leads but on their check out for the customer it puts multiple other props swaying people to reach out to other pros. In turn bringing in more money to thumbtack. I’m fed up with it

  • Gary_GMPMContracting

    I have sent multiple emails to support@thumbtack.com to address my concern for not showing my services, my ranking is way down and for past 30 days (Ever since I called to complaint about issue with Leads) I have not received single leads.

    I did "Handyman Service" In my area on public site and made as screen video and sent them.

    Everyting I would email them withn 1min I'm getting response with AI generated suggection, without addressing my concern, the response comes from do-not-reply@thumbtack.com so everytime I have to create new email to so called AI/support team.

    They are keep sending me artical how to rank higher and highlight is to be competative ( In other word raise lead price)

    there are pros wit 0,1,3,4,8 reviews ranks much higher the I'm having 18 perfect 5* reviews.

    This is not fair to all the hard working pros who indirectly taking care of Thumbtack customers with 5* service. and they have to pay more for unresponsive leads, customer change their mind all togeather.

    I'm not sure others have same experiance but if you do would like to know more on how you address the matter as support team is not effective.