What is Thumbtack Pro Rewards, and how does it work?

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Thumbtack Pro Rewards is here - to recognize and celebrate YOU! You provide a great experience for your customers and we want you to know your effort doesn’t go unnoticed – we see you.

Thumbtack Pro Rewards is made up of three tiers - Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Not only do these tiers recognize your consistently great service, but they also come with rewards! Here are some of the rewards you can receive - as you reach higher tiers you’ll unlock new rewards.  

Silver rewards include things like expedited support
, Thumbtack swag, and exclusive success workshops.

Gold rewards include things like priority phone support, eligibility for our pro partnership committee, and marketing support.

Platinum rewards include things like a Top Pro badge and access to concierge support.

You qualify for rewards by earning points as you accept jobs and respond to new leads. And by continuing to offer excellent customer service on Thumbtack. 

☑Complete your profile: This includes adding at least 1 photo to your profile. 

☑Maintain a high star rating: 4.5 for Silver, 4.6 for Gold, and 4.7 for Platinum.

☑Complete a background check

☑Respond to customers quickly:  Your response rate shows the percentage of leads you respond to within 1 hour (between 8 am-8 pm local time). No requirement for Silver, 65% response rate for Gold, 75% response rate for Platinum.

☑Earn points: You earn 100 points for every lead you respond to at least once after the customer messages you, and double points for every booking completed through Thumbtack, including Instant Booking or Instant Consultation. 300 points for Silver, 1,200 points for Gold, and 2,400 points for Platinum. 

☑Qualifying periods: There are four qualifying periods per year - December through February, March through May, June through August, and September through November.

Check your rewards status here in your Thumbtack profile. For more details, check out this article in our Help Center. Thumbtack Pro Rewards was developed with pros like you, and it will evolve as we move forward, with your feedback. Comment below with your thoughts and questions and tell us what you’re most excited about.


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    What if I don't get enough leads to even earn enough points to get Platinum? Last MONTH I got 6 leads. At this rate I will 1800 points and will NEVER be able to be a platinum Top Pro. I have been a Top Pro with Thumbtack since they started the program and use it in my marketing all the time. Now it is impossible for me to get it because I don't get enough leads from TT. When I called customer support I was told to make myself more available. I take Sundays off. ONE DAY A WEEK OFF! I also hide my company when I am working a wedding because it would be highly unproffessional to be on my phone sending quotes when I am supposed to be working someone's wedding. And with the response time requirements on Top Pros, I would NEED to reply in the middle of wedding or I would be penalized.

    This new system is horrible. Get rid of the points system per lead. Do something a little more fare for pros who don't get as many leads.

  • DustiO
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    @Galager thank you for your thoughtful response. As a former wedding business owner myself, I definitely understand your concern and it says a lot about your dedication to your clients. Remember, the response time requires that 1-hour response only a percentage of the time, not all of the time. Also, you can use things like saved replies so that you can quickly respond to customers without taking time away from your work. As far as leads go, if you want to DM me we can take a look at your account and see if there is anything else we can do to get more leads. And let's keep this dialogue open - please keep sharing your experience as this rolls out.