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Here in the Community, we strive to foster a spirit of “building together.” While we continuously meet with our Pro Advisory Board to help us keep our fingers on the pulse of how the Thumbtack platform is working for pros, we’re also focused on engaging with pros here in the Community — and improving your experience with Thumbtack. With that in mind, we wanted to share some updates based on what we have been hearing from pros like you over the last few months.

Here’s what we heard:

  • Customers don’t always understand the booking process
  • Booking prices can be expensive
  • Managing availability can be difficult
  • I’m not being booked for the right next step
  • Customers aren’t committed enough

Thanks to pros like you sharing your feedback and experiences, our teams have been able to build a roadmap of updates that will improve the Thumbtack experience for pros and customers. Here’s what we’re prioritizing for this half:

  • Better aligning lead pricing with the job value
  • Giving customers a clearer path to message vs book, based on their needs and level of intent
  • Improving customer booking comprehension so that they better understand what a booking entails
  • Increasing pro satisfaction and customer comprehension through category level improvements
  • Testing ways to increase customer commitment when booking
  • Launching more integrations to help you better manage your availability
  • Improving booking availability features to give you more flexibility

Keep checking the Community for more specific updates as they roll out. And, please, keep sharing your feedback.


  • @kostlover “While I see that TT is looking at many different options that go into the booking process, I did not read anything regarding changes to the instant booking function.”

    This is what stood out to me as well. The email update a few weeks ago basically said the same thing. Nothing about will we have the option to turn off instant booking and have control of our own calendar again. Which is the most important issue at hand. Everything else is secondary!

  • I agree with you guys. Was hoping that while reading @DustiO 's update I would find that they are going to give us the option to turn instant booking off but instead it seems they are just going to adjust some things and make us their test dummies again all at our expense. Bummer. I have a house cleaning business and Instant Book just does not work in so many variables. There is just way too much to assess in a home to give a proper estimate. A lot of people have hoarder/hazard homes that are at least 5x the amount of work and materials and there is no way for any app to assess that. So even if they are "serious" about their booking, they are going to be misled with the pricing that is not setup properly for them because the system cannot capture a lot of important information that I need to asses. Oh well, moving onto other platforms anyway. I will check in another year or so to see if they finally gave up Instant Booking

  • Matt
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    Thanks @DustiO Is there any chance they are going to enable 2FA for customers seeking Pro's?

  • DustiO
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    @Matt this post is mostly referring to what we're working on specifically re: Instant Book, but as soon as I hear of any updates like 2FA or any rollouts of the above points I will for sure post here in the Community!

  • Matt
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    @DustiO Gotcha, regarding Instant Book, is there going to be an on/off switch?

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    @DustiO Aside from the fact that instant book simply does not work for the majority of us, I think the big issue is this- TT thinks/wants to be our only source of leads. They want us to use their integration tools and accept payments thru the app. While some of those things work for some of the Pro's, none of it works for all of us. TT, Facebook, Google are all tools we use in some combination.

    It doesn't matter how high I set my max price, TT cant get me enough work to my sole source of jobs. That's why I cant give them control of my schedule.

  • It seems like they are addressing anything else other than Instant book and from the poll they took, only TWO percent of people want the IB features.🤦‍♀️