Thumbtack Success Workshop

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One of the perks of Thumbtack Pro Rewards is the chance to attend a Success Workshop led by Thumbtack's most seasoned agents. During our summer Pro Rewards period pros with Silver status heard our agents' biggest tips for success, and were able to ask questions live in break out sessions with the team. They learned things like:

  • Make your preferences work for you
  • Respond to customers effectively
  • Get good reviews quickly
  • Tips from successful pros

@Lemargriffinfilms , a community member and a pro with Platinum status, also joined and shared his secrets to success. And honestly, his advice was pretty amazing. (Thank you, Lemar!)

@ParuGambhir attended our workshop and said, “It was nice not just to be looking for a solution, but to be having a discussion about why we are experiencing a certain issue. And, all these years we’ve grown up with TT - it was great to see the people behind the scenes.”

Check your rewards status to see if you are eligible and register for this period’s workshop. And, comment below to tell us what things you would like to learn to help you expand your business on Thumbtack. If you're not quite eligible, please drop your questions below and we'll share advice here in this thread.