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We believe that collaborating with our pros will help to shape the future of Thumbtack.  In fact, that’s why earlier this year, we partnered with some of our best pros to kickstart this Community - a space designed to facilitate collaboration between pros, as well as pros and Thumbtack employees.

It’s also why, as part of our June beta launch of Thumbtack Pro Rewards, we invited pros with Gold and Platinum* status to join the new Pro Partnership Committee, a group of  professionals who will participate in quarterly surveys and roundtable discussions to contribute to the future of Thumbtack’s product roadmap and help us build the best possible experience for pros. 

In the spirit of keeping the “building together” momentum going, we wanted to share some of what we heard from pros like you - and continue the discussion here.

While we will always use the Partnership Committee to help us keep our fingers on the pulse of how the overall Thumbtack platform is working for pros, during the Summer Pro Rewards period (June - August) we were focused on speaking with pros about what tools they were using to help them manage their business more efficiently - and what tools or partnerships we should be focused on to improve your experience with Thumbtack.

Here’s what we learned:

  • The majority of pros on Thumbtack do not use any kind of CRM
  • The majority of pros don’t use any kind of project management software
  • Nearly half of Thumbtack pros don’t use any kind of accounting software

In addition to these insights from  the Partnership Committee, we also heard from pros like @Eric, who inquired in the Community about CRM integrations like Jobber and Brent R. who voiced a desire for customers to be able to pay pros directly through Thumbtack.

These insights have reinforced a hypothesis we have that Thumbtack may be able to help pros save time and work more efficiently by investing in software integrations to make managing leads, scheduling appointments, tracking expenses etc., more seamless.  

What do you think?  Are there integrations or tools you would like to see us focus on? Comment below and let us know. 

*Check your rewards status - if you’re a pro with Gold or Platinum status watch for an email with more info about the Pro Partnership Committee. If you’re not quite there, check your progress and see what you need to do to qualify.


  • My name is Douglas Brenner and I am a legal professional whom I believe have achieved Platinum status on Thumbtack.

    Kindly let me know what this entails and entitles me to, as I would like to be considered for more auto accident cases, wills and trusts and divorce mediations.


    Douglas Brenner, Esq.

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    @Douglas_Brenner Congrats on reaching platinum status, that is not an easy thing to accomplish! You can see more details about the Thumbtack Pro Rewards program here in this post.

    As far as getting more leads in those areas - if you want to DM me we can look at your targeting preferences and make sure you have them set up to win the most jobs! DM me @DustiO and we can chat more!

  • Hi @DustiO , it would be very advantageous if you looked at integrating with HubSpot CRM ( I use this tool to manage my client (customer), vendor, and contractor database, to manage my customer tickets, to help with sales & marketing efforts, and it integrates beautifully with my Outlook 365 calendar to help manage my job calendar.

    If you decide to offer the capability for Pro's to get paid through your platform, I would kindly request that you also give the Pro the option to decline that feature.

    Thanks again for all the hard work you and Thumbtack do!

  • Bonjour!

    I have two questions that would help pros like myself tremendously:

    1. Would it be possible for Thumbtack to remove the 500 character limit on quote templates? This would really be helpful.
    2. Could you please provide us with a link that will take potential clients DIRECTLY to our profile pages, without them having to create a profile or take any additional steps? This would be a win-win for Thumbtack and its pros.

    I thank you so very much for allowing me the opportunity to provide feedback!

    Best regards,


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    Salut Guy! Before taking the Digital Content workshop, I too thought more characters were necessary. However, in the course, I learned that 'less is more'. So I radically edited my quotes down to the bare minimum, amongst other things. The webinar was the best one to date, so check it out for some really helpful info. Alors, bon chance mon ami! ☺.

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    Hi Douglas--I prefer for Tt to stick with their core competencies which, for me, is providing Opportunities, webinars and forums. There are other options, like those you mentioned, to do 'back office' management, imo. I too think they do a great job. 👍

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    @Elle__38 I am working on shortening my emails too, after sitting in on that webinar! I would be interested to hear if you have a better response after shortening - so if you think of it, let us know how it goes!

  • Elle__38
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    Hi DustiO--I will definitely let you know how the 'pare it down' hack works out! Thanks for sharing 😊

  • hello, I’m Jared. I’m a massage therapist. I was wondering if you guys could expand what massage additions you have. I personally would like it if cupping was added to that list thank you.

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    @HolisticTouch22 @SimplyStated

    My dentist has wonderful MASSAGE CHAIRS (who knew?). Gotta get one for my castle!

  • Hello,

    I would suggest either providing an API to allow pros to access specific leads data for use with their own lead management system or a way to export the data in csv format so that this data can be imported to other apps such as spreadsheets that can import this format of data.

    Most professionals use a centralized lead management system (CRM) to track all leads coming from different sources. Currently, it is way to cumbersome to manage Thumbtack leads and other leads sources separately.



  • DustiO
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    @dsaldivar I agree - as a former business owner (and Thumbtack Pro) that was always one of the hardest parts for me to manage. Have you looked at the Jobber integration at all? I have heard some REALLY great feedback from pros who have used it - one of them when I was interviewing him said:

    "I was losing track of the leads we were getting. The amount we had lost before getting Jobber was astronomical. Especially because of the follow up. By having Jobber, it was a clear picture of who we are missing or need to follow up on. The other amazing thing is that Jobber would automatically follow up with those who got our quotes. The next beneficial change was that Jobber made things official. Having a system where we could send our customers official quotes for them to accept presented us as a professional company. Lastly, collecting payment is also a huge plus. So to recap: I lost track of leads and not taking advantage of the leads we were receiving, I had multiple applications and had to input information manually to send quotes via Quickbooks, and lastly, it was easy to collect money and TIPS!"

    I don't know a ton about Jobber, but you can read more about the integration here.

    We are always looking for new ways to make using Thumbtack and running a business more efficient, so thank you so much for leaving this feedback.

  • can Home Organizers please get a budget range for ideal customers. Paying for leads where customers only want to spend $200 is killing my ad budget. With the price of goods going up, $200 really only covers supplies for most jobs, much less my hourly rate. $200 covers a consult not a Home Edit level room makeover. Customers need to know this and select a budget range like with interior design. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • DustiO
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    @KateOrganizes I will definitely send this feedback to the team! Thank you.

  • I enjoy using thumbtack. Leads come in on time. But sometimes the lead prices are radically disproportionate. I believe its due to how the customer inputs the information of their project. Like i had a lead to replace two smoke detectors the lead cost about $20 (less than one hour of work at handyman hrly wages) Yet another lead that cost $4.71 that yielded roughly $1,500 (trust me I’m not complaining about the latter). I think there needs to be more detail options for the customers to narrow down what they want and how thumbtack charges specifically per request.

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    @Derrick_Morgan this is great feedback - can you also send it to to make sure it gets logged and sent to the right teams? Thank you!

  • I'm a massage therapist Ive used thumbtack before and had great ratings now the computer said I was reinstated but promptly told me thumbtack does not support my services ? what is going on there ?

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    @Eunice_Esparza massage therapy was removed as a category last year - we had a partnership with another app developed for massage therapists, called Soothe. I would recommend checking them out. Best of luck!

  • Derrick is soooo right about that! I'm a photographer and headshots are the lowest paying part of my job, yet the fee for them runs much higher than portrait sessions. The client spend on these is 1/4 to 1/5 of the spend of an average portrait session. Headshot leads should be way cheaper!

    Additionally, engagement photography gets the classic price gouge, like anything related to the wedding industry. Everything costs more if the woman is wearing a white dress??? Typically my engagement sessions run a much lower price point than portrait sessions, because they're often younger and not established financially, so don't spend very much. An engagement session often spends only 1/3 of my average portrait sessions. They spend less but I have to pay more for them

  • My business is a franchised operation and we own territory based on zip codes. It would be helpful to me if Thumbtack allowed me to personally adjust my territory based on zip codes.

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    @Randy_James you can go pretty granular in your area settings, but unfortunately not by zip code. That is great feedback, though — thank you for sharing. Also, we're neighbors! If I ever need floor work done I know who to call!!

  • Hi. I would like to get help from someone who knows about how to get more leads for me in my area of service. Someone who can check my account to make sure it’s setup properly for the best outcome for more leads. And maybe I can get some more tips and tricks on what to do to get better results! Thank you in advance!

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    @Phillip_Beregovoy I would recommend attending one of the live Thumbtack led webinars found here - like "First Impressions Matter" or "Thumbtack 101". Both of those are available on demand here as well.

    You can also attend our bi-weekly CommuniTEA sessions (also found on the events page), where you can meet other pros and get tips and advice from seasoned Thumbtack pros.

    Hope this helps!