Is any body else loosing money from the 15 min refund policy from instant book?

I’m loosing $100 dollars a day from instant book cancellation after the non existent 15 min refund window passes. Half of my customers that instant book are actually trying to get prices. The 15 min refund is a joke that should be changed immediately.

Is any body else loosing money from the 15 min refund policy from instant book? 8 votes

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  • At the rate Thumbtack is taking money from us for false/fake/scam direct bookings and leads it will bankrupt us before the end of the year…

  • @GenovaElectricAZ yes I agree all we can do is remove our businesses from there platform they are not listening to the pros. The greedy money grab they are pulling with instant book and there refund polices are only setup to help one side and that is thumbtack higher ups at thumbtack I’m sure will be getting a fat bonus at the end of this year by taking advantage of the pros that fund there “marketing company” as they say they are lead generation company and they should act as one and be held accountable as one.

  • Just spoke with FTC about bad business practices everyone needs to call and make a complaint to the FTC about the instant book feature they want to hear about this kind of business practices. We all have to stand up and speak up about this issue or it will not change.

  • Mel
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    This feature has not been beneficial . I agree.

  • Please, everyone, listen to this Direct Lead VM—just call the number. We are Thumbtack Pros and this info is for Thumbtack Direct Lead. If this person isn’t a scam/prank Lead then somebody is in big trouble or possibly even dead, but Thumbtack continues to refuse to refund us for this demented Lead claiming Lead fits within Thumbtack policy.

  • If you do not want to open attached screenshots, please, call this number: (602)358-6276 for Lead name Lggggggg…. Lead for Installation of an Outlet, please listen to this recording of the VM messaging, since no one ever answers other than VM picking up when this number is called. Tell me if this is in any of your opinions satisfactory within Policy and Safety requirements.

  • I did make a video/audio recording of this call and the VM, however it takes up more space than allowed in Leave a Comment so I could only share the info as a Pro in Thumbtack Pro community regarding this incident with a Thumbtack Lead and Thumbtack Customer Relations refund department response.

  • That is ridiculous I listened to the voice mail this is definitely a prank I can’t believe thumbtack refused the refund report it to ftc for bad business practices I wish I could say they would listen but it falls on deaf ears past customer reps.

  • I made my FTC report moments ago. This attachment is just one “Direct Lead” Thumbtack refuses to refund us, just one of many….Everyone should listen to this “Direct Lead” VM and if this isn’t a reasonable request for a refund from Thumbtack then I don’t know what is—my business with Thumbtack is now on pause until all of my complaints and refunds are handled. If this so called “Direct Lead” isn’t a cruel joke scam then it’s a seriously hazardous and dangerous situation, but more than appropriate for refund. According to Thumbtack Customer Service, it is not refundable and doesn’t go against thumbtack’s policy—unfreaking believable!


    Uploaded Dec 20, 2023408.91 KB

    Apparently this video file is too big to post, but I’m most definitely submitting this to EVERY even in the slightest significant agency of law enforcement and bad business practices.

    Since we are Thumbtack Pros and this info is Thumbtack Direct Lead, please, I beg of you all, call this number and listen to it’s VM recording—no one ever picks up, just rings out to the “crypt-keeper” VM. Hearing this will give you just the perfect amount of idea on what to expect from Thumbtack if your company is losing money to fake/prank/scam Leads.

    I am most definitely furious and taking a stand together with you Jeff and I encourage all of you to protect you, your businesses, your families by joining us in taking a stand and protecting ourselves and our hard earned money and reputation instead of just eating your losses.

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    Today I was charged $191 for a lead that was 1) on the opposite side of the country and 2) a fake phone number.

    Every single lead Ive gotten since I opened this account has either not responded or as found to be a fake lead. Every. Single. One.

    But being charged $191 for a single, FAKE lead is insane. No refund, even though the phone number isnt even the same area code as the fake account and when the number is called they say they dont know anything about it.

    Thumbtack is 100% a scam website and needs to be sued, fined and shutdown.

  • II also created a post and was contacted by another professional who was wronged. He has found a lawyer who is interested in the case. We have a group of professionals who are interested in pursuing a lawsuit. Please let me know if you are interested in joining forces. Please email me [email protected]