Instant booking should be refunded when a customer cancels.

The 15min rule is a joke! Instant bookings should be refunded back immediately upon a customers cancellation. We are paying for instant booking & high prices for all leads, they should at least be refunded when an instant book cancels. Thumbtack needs to revise it.


  • If you guys want to decrease your cancellations, you may contact me. My cancellation rates are 5%. I make my clients accountable for booking. :)

  • billyP
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    I had a customer accidently instant book and said as much in an email. I sent a copy of the email when i asked for a refund. I also asked them to refer to our emails as you can plainly see that job never happened and i had not met her yet. I was told this didn't mean their return policy.

  • But it does

  • Call them tomorrow

  • billyP
    billyP Posts: 4

    I have been trying to call there isn't anyone to talk to on the phone. The call asks for your phone number then disconnects and they talk via text. I was on with support the past two days, and they say the same thing. Are you able to talk to a live person?

  • I am! I’m persistent 😂 and stubborn lol even though it’s a challenge because I’m so busy running a business but it gets to a point where wrong is wrong


    Reach out to me via here

  • Matt
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    @billyP To speak with a live person, it helps to be a seasoned pro with platinum status and to only use the number you used to sign up with. Otherwise the system will just send you in a loop.

  • Dave
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    An instant booking is nothing but a lead that TT charges 3-4 times more for. Why would a customer be able to or even want to BOOK 5 different Pros for one job??? It's because they are not booking anything! They are no different from regular leads except for the price! Even when a person instant books a Pro the "job status" automatically changes to "job confirmed" when normally the Pro changes it themselves after they have "confirmed " the job via a lead......See where I'm going here?? NOTHING IS CONFIRMED! NOTHING IS BOOKED! IT IS A GREEDY, SHAMELESS WAY FOR TT TO PRICE GOUGE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THE REASON TT EVEN EXISTS!! US PROS! I have gotten on TT as a "customer" to see what options are given and the very first thing offered is instant booking! They say nothing of the 300% increase it costs the Pros so customers have not a clue how it works. It is so sneaky and dirty and underhanded that I now explain it to every customer I can so maybe word of mouth will help someday. Thumbtack you should be ashamed of yourselves you gluttonous pigs....shame on all of you