Can Clients not on Thumbtack, write a 2nd review for my service?

Hi all,

I've been on Thumbtack since 2020 as an Overnight Pet Sitter. One of my clients, Erin has used my services for 16 years but is not on Thumbtack. She wrote a review when I first joined in 2020. Can she write a 2nd review today, showing she has hired me more than 30 times?

Yesterday I submitted her email via Thumbtack Review link 3 times, and she didn't receive it. It's not in her junk folder. Does the system recognize her email and not letting her post a 2nd review for me?

Thanks for your help!



  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,546

    Answered you via DM, let me know if you didn't see it!

    But here is an article about how to request reviews from clients! (You can send her your review link instead of trying through email and see if that works)