What can I do if a customer is avoiding payment

What can I do if a customer is avoiding payment I put in a 4 sink system in a food trailer about three months ago and I did the entire job and it was time for the customer to pay if she started avoiding me so I contacted Thumbtack because supposedly they’re supposed to get involved and they told me pretty much that I have to deal with it myself and I don’t know what to do


  • Are you able to place a mechanic's lien on something like that? If so, I would do that asap because you only have so long to file. Other than that, we started collecting a deposit upon scheduling. If it's an estimate, they have to pay 50% up front for materials, and if it's an hourly job, they pay our minimum charge of 1 hour plus our dispatch fee ($135). I know this won't help now, but it could prevent this in the future. We have not had issues with any customers not paying since we started this policy.

    You could always file a claim in civil court, which sucks because it cost you money before you will get your money back.

    What's messed up about this, is if the customer has issues with your job, thumbtack will open a dispute and shut off your leads until they get your side of the story and determine if you're in the wrong or right. Thumbtack has forgot who their true customers are... the pros are who they make all of the money from, WE are their customers, not the customers who hire us... I'm very disappointed to hear this. Good luck!