[RECORDINGS] Webinar Series for Pros

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Please access the "On-Demand Webinars" tab to find recordings of all our previous webinar sessions.

For details on upcoming sessions and registration links, please visit our "Events" tab.


  • TheBigSweep
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    Hello fellow thumbtackers,i would love to see the video Thumbtack pros 101 the link said its been removed can someone please let me know if theres another way to watch it.Thank you for you time on this matter

  • pedrojales
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    Hi @TheBigSweep, thanks for your interest in our webinars. You can watch that webinar here. It's now named "How to Target Your Ideal Customers" because that better reflects the topics covered in it, but it's the Thumbtack Pros 101 webinar.

    You just have to quickly register to watch, but after that you should have access to the recording.

    Let us know if you have any questions!