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Does anyone know how to get ThumbTack to create a Service this is not an Option in the dropdown list?


  • DustiO
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    I would definitely send this feedback/suggestion to so it can get logged and tracked. But, out of curiosity what service option are you wishing to see?

  • KPF_Inspects2023
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    Foundation Inspection - ThumbTack has Home Inspection & Roof Inspection, but not Foundation Inspection. Only Foundation Repairs. I live in NTX and our clay soils are notorious for swelling and shifting and destroying foundations. I offer a service that usually requires an engineer (I am both a licensed home inspector and a registered engineer). Foundation repair companies offer them for free, BUT they are going to push the customer for an expensive repair. My inspection costs $200-$250, is thorough and unbiased, and I am not trying to sell a repair ($6k-$15K).