I refused to work with a client and he left me a 1-star review

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I've been working with Thumbtack for almost a year now and I like this app, it's working good for me, but I think it's time to talk about this annoying little unfair thing that exists on Thumbtack.

 In fact, now a client who turns to a pro can leave him a 1-star review just because he refused to take on this project. This can happen for various reasons. 

Pros running their own business will understand me that there are requests from clients that you do not fulfill and you refuse these works. Also, sometimes you come across clients who communicate incorrectly and sometimes even rudely, and you refuse to work with them. Or the client was simply not satisfied with the price you offered for your services. Whatever the reasons, sometimes we refuse certain projects. 

The same thing happened to me just recently. I got a client Bob Schenski approached me with a job that I don't do. I politely declined to take on this project and this client left me 1-star review. Obviously this is unfair. 

I think Thumbtack pros should be protected from reviews from clients they refuse to work with. Or you need to give the pros the opportunity to leave reviews to clients. 

In this regard, I have a few questions for Thumbtack, why are pros not protected from bad reviews from clients with whom they refused to work? 

Why would any client leave me a bad review even if I didn't work with them and politely declined their project? 

Don't you think that unscrupulous competitors might take advantage of this? 

I propose to discuss this problem and the way how to make it fair


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    try to send this to the support email via thumbtack screen shot and all that's what I would do hope for best!