Thumbtack needs to educate customers that they charge pros

I have ran into this so often while using thumbtack.... I'll get a lead, and it's $112 and the customer contacted FIVE pros!! I'm sorry, but they shouldn't be able to contact more than 3 tops, unless they are unsatisfied with the first 3 pros. And I've said something to customers, especially with the ridiculous mandatory instant book, about the charge for the lead, and they had no idea that thumbtack charges us pros for the leads. I think thumbtack should let customers know that they need to fill out the job requests accurately, because they charge pros based on their answers. I've had 1 say 10-20 lights, and then they only wanted 5 lights, and the lead cost $75, and the job only made $250 total. Where is the avocation for the pros here? It seems like it's all about the customers, but yet, thumbtack makes all their money off of the pros... shouldn't we be the ones that they want to keep happy???