I am a Top Pro, my views are going up but my leads have stopped. PLEASE HELP


Thumbtack has been an absolutely amazing source of leads for our pressure washing business over the past month. We have been so excited to have found thumbtack and each week we got more views, more leads, more booked jobs, more reviews and finally achieved top pro status. We are coming up either 1 or 2 in our areas and we were generating an average of 1 lead for every 12 profile views. However, beginning about 2 weeks ago, even though our profile views were still going up, we were still in the 1 or 2 spot, our leads began to slow. Now this week our profile views have gone up even more, however, our leads have now come to a complete stop. I cannot figure out why this would be when the views are still there. One thing I did was change our zip code as we do not have a physical location and our original zip code is not where most of our business is done. However, I have since changed it back as it did not help matters but our targeting area has never changed. I continue to add pictures to our profile and update the information. Has this happened to anyone? Is there any reason this could be happening? We have found Thumbtack to be such a useful resource and I just can't understand what has happened with the leads. Thanks for any helpful insight.