Tips for fellow pros

Just a few tips for my fellow pros and new group announcement.

1.use every tool available when receiving a lead phone text email. remember they may log off thumbtack and a phone call or text message can land that lead.

2. check your profile/bio making sure it’s up to date with all services you provide and information about your business or changes you may have made.

3.know your seasons some businesses can work all year with no setbacks or minor setbacks some businesses unfortunately have down times that make it difficult to stay afloat and with thumbtack lead charges it can be costly try to adjust something that will not hurt you long term or shortcut your services maybe a weekly budget cut on thumbtack or expand the budget for leads because the competition can be high your industry.

find a strategy that helps you respond to each lead it really helps to have a go to message when responding to clients.

hope these can help out someway!


A Painters world is a virtual meeting that connects interior painters from thumbtack with the hope to create a unique group where we give out tips and ideas for upcoming projects and lead advice one group meeting a month for now feel free to sign up looking forward to networking with my fellow painters and entrepreneurs.


  • DustiO
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    @ShaquealThomas Love these tips, thank you for sharing!

  • mbrand15
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    Thank you for sharing these helpful tips for Thumbtack pros! As a fellow business owner, I appreciate your insight and advice on how to optimize our Thumbtack profiles and lead responses. I particularly appreciate your suggestion to use multiple communication channels to reach out to leads and the reminder to adjust our Thumbtack budget based on seasonal changes and competition in our industry. Your suggestion to have a go-to message for responding to clients is also very useful. I will definitely keep these tips in mind as I continue to grow my business on Thumbtack.

  • @mbrand15 no problem at all thank you I try to share the tools that help me via thumbtack if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • Thanks so much for the valuable advice! You seem to know your stuff and I would love to pick your brain if that would be sufficient with you. My name is Andrew Lehane owner of Trainz 4 Gainz, new to Thumbtack, and ready to make my dream a reality.

  • @trainz4gainz absolutely we can setup a call or you can message me with thumbtack questions there’s also communitea where us pros meet up and discuss ways to network and build via thumbtack every other Thursday for one hour @DustiO she can send the link to you.

    wish the best talk soon!

  • DustiO
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    Yes! @trainz4gainz you can see the CommuniTEA meeting info here — we would love to have you join, let me know if you have any questions! Thank you, as always, @ShaquealThomas!

  • Gracias amigo por tus buenos consejos en verdad son muy utiles al igual que esta comunidad, gracias Thumbtackcommunity 👍️

  • @Jeandeblasi De nada, me alegro de que los consejos te hayan ayudado, no dudes en enviarme un mensaje si tienes alguna pregunta

    Pude traducir con mi teléfono

    Pero estoy trabajando en mi español👌🏾