Looking for Pros to feature in TT blogs about Sod Installation, Concrete Patio & Pest Control Costs!

Sydney_Champion Administrator Posts: 2

Hello! I'm the content marketing manager at Thumbtack. I'm currently looking for pros to interview in 3 cost guides about Sod Installation, Concrete Patio and Pest Control. These guides are created to help homeowners, customers and website visitors understand which factors can impact the costs of various home projects and services.

By being featured in the guides, I will include your full name, business name, and a link to your Thumbtack portfolio! In order to be featured, you'll just need to answer a few questions about the project.

If you're interested, please get back to me by Wednesday, June 12! Feel free to respond to this post or email me with any questions you may have: schampion@thumbtack.com

Thank you!