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I have been thinking for months on a way to connect Interior/Exterior Painters outside of group meetings because I know they could sometimes be difficult to attend. So, I decided to setup a one group session each month. I understand how tough it is to commit to sometimes however, I am hoping this is something that will bring the community together each month. The key to this group would insist of.....

Message system to ask for tips and gather together ideas for upcoming projects related to painting.

Help navigating as a painter on the thumbtack platform

Questions with difficult clients and disputes

1 group session monthly to touch basis for brainstorming and networking

This group can work if we have safe place to communicate with pros where we come together to build for the future of the industry using this platform. I am so excited to start this journey!!!

Monday, February 28th at 6 pm will be the first monthly group. The message system will be in full effect for painting related questions, concerns, tips and brainstorming through thumbtack community.

All interior/exterior painters across the thumbtack platform are invited and pros looking to transition to the painters industry are also welcomed. If there are any questions please feel free to reach to me before the start date. Hope to see you all there!

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