Capital Funding


Looking for some funding from a bank or investor to partner with and purchase a well researched property to resale for a very hefty profit. Anybody out here interested or could point me in a direction?

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  • Krushnaakash


    To prepare your business for funding, you have to first make sure your financial statements are very healthy and project your business / you in "good standing" i.e. the balance sheet should not show a loss. That tells the money lender (typically a bank) that you cannot repay the loan, and they might refuse it.

    If you are not using an accounting system, I would strongly recommend that bookkeeping for the past 3 fiscal years is a must, to show a healthy profit-and-loss each year.

    If the 3 consecutive fiscal years show some profit, it means the company can pay off loans as its revenue covers its costs.

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  • Krushnaakash

    P.S. Again, if you are a business, make sure you have filed the franchise tax / no-tax-due report every year before the deadline to maintain "good standing"