Why we started hosting webinars

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Howdy!  My name is Riley and I’m coming at you from the beautiful state of Texas.

I’m a Senior Writer on the Pro and Customer Education team here at Thumbtack, and I’m so excited to be writing to you today.

As some of you may have seen, we’ve started hosting LIVE WEBINARS! 🎉 (Queue the confetti and streamers!). We're thrilled about this project and wanted to take some time to explain our “why” behind this effort.

Our decision to venture into live webinars stems from our deep-rooted belief in the power of community building. We see these webinars not only as a platform to share insights and expertise, but also as a space where our community can come together, exchange ideas, and foster meaningful connections.

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to expand your knowledge or a newcomer eager to learn, our webinars are designed to inspire and empower you on your journey. At the heart of it all, our goal remains the same: to provide you with the tools and resources you need to thrive. We're excited to embark on this new chapter with you, and we can't wait to see the positive impact these webinars will have on our community.

Be sure to register for our next live event on 4/18 — this episode is all about targeting your ideal customer.

If you’re not able to join live you can watch the recording in the On-Demand Library, here in the Pro Community.

Let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in the comments below! We want to hear from YOU.


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    Hello! My name is Patti, and I'll be hosting the upcoming event on 4/18, How to Target Your Ideal Customers.

    This webinar is for pros who are new to Thumbtack or any pros who want to learn tips to target their ideal customers. And we'll discuss calendar management, responding to customers, and ranking higher in search results!

    Don't miss out—take your business to the next level. Register now.