"Great value" badge question

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Hello fellow pro's, since Thumbtack has been very slow for me lately, I went ahead and used the platform to view all pros in my category (Murals/muralist) and I am on the first page for my area, but I noticed I was accepting Thumbtack Pay? I never signed up for it formally, so I thought that was odd. Also, it showed I was doing $0 on-sight estimates, when I already opted out of instant book and never filled in my estimate cost. So I went ahead and opted out of the Thumbtack pay, and the $0 estimate, and now my "great value" badge that was next to my name is now gone.

Seems interesting that as soon as I opt out of both, that my "great value" is also gone. Anyone else experience this? I am also a "Top Pro", and many others aren't but still have the "great value" badge next to it. What exactly is Thumbtack pulling from to create these badges?


  • DustiO
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    I'm not sure what data it pulls from, but I will ask!