I would like some help getting work based on a keyword.


I do assembly and I focus on one product that is wickedly tricky to get together properly. Let's call it WidgetWonder.

Right now I would have to go under the assembly skill set and get all of them and parse them out.

I am willing to pay for direct alerts but not when I would get billed for jobs assembling play sets, basketball hoops, patio furniture, etc when I really just want to put together the WidgetWonder.

Tried to get help using chat but it takes too long for a rep to get to me. Hope I can get help here.


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,681

    @JohnnyBones If you go to your targeting preferences for assembly services you can check and uncheck items you want to assemble and don't want to assemble. If these items don't fit the "WidgetWonder" criteria then I would recommend sending feedback on the items you'd like to see listed to support@thumbtack.com

    You can read more about targeting preferences here, too.

  • JohnnyBones

    Thanks. I have used that email to reach out.

    It could be a game changer on my side.