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I was top in my area for a while and getting a lot of lead and many are free. Just when I thought things are going well, I stopped getting leads. I noticed when I look for myself, I was not showing up in the search results.

In the past, even when I don't have much budget left for the week, especially towards weekends when most pros in my area used up their budgets anyway, I will still show up in the search, but with a yellow band that says "limited availability". From last week or so, I can't find myself as soon as I have less than $35 in my budget. But other pros are still searchable but with the yellow "limited availability" band.

Does anyone else experienced this? Does this mean thumbtack purposefully push leads to new pros to make more money? Most pros in my area has less than 5 reviews. I have 20 reviews now and were hired 29 times. I'll be top in my area. Am I being punished for doing too well? Should I start a new profile? It's shame since all the good reviews will be gone with it.


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    @Jingjun Top Pros are definitely not punished... But, if your budget is gone, that is probably the answer to why you are not showing in search results. At times, when there are not enough pros in the area, you may get discounted leads and still show up in search results. I would venture to guess that there are more pros offering those services in your area, so you aren't seeing that anymore. If other pros are showing up with that banner, maybe they have a higher budget. (I'm not totally sure on this, but I will ask around and see if I can get a better answer).

    I would recommend upping the budget if possible for a week and seeing if it makes a difference. You can always adjust it back down if you aren't happy with the results.

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    This is not true. My trade and area is low competition and there are only a handful of pros listed usually. That's why we literally rank #1 within a few months of using thumbtack. I've searched with some zip codes that are even more far out. Sometimes only 1 pro show up, we are still not in the search results. This definitely has something to do with my specific profile.

    My guess is once certain pro received too many "discounted" leads, we get flagged. Reality is 80% of the leads we got are not valid. Zero response, no conversation. We can only get into a conversation with 20% of the client. And we closet less than half of them. That means average 10-15 leads will lead to a job. If we have to pay full price on all leads, that's means it will cost us $500-$750 to get a job from here. It fars exceeds many other lead generation platform, which is probably why there are not many veteran thumbtack pros.

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    If you feel like something isn't working I would definitely recommend submitting a beg report here.

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    I called customer service already and the answer I got is no different from what you said. That I need to up my budget. When I up my budget, I was supposed to get 8 free leads. However, the minute I have less than $35 in my budget, I'm gone from the search result. The "8 free leads" will never be used because I'm not searchable.

    Request for credit for invalid contact will never be approved because according to thumbtack, we pay to be in front the "client". But if the client's contact number are fake, where is the connection and what we paid for?

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    It's possible that changes in Thumbtack's algorithms or policies are affecting your visibility in search results. Several factors, including budget allocation, competition, and overall platform dynamics, can influence how pros are displayed to users. Here are some considerations:

    1. Budget Allocation:
      • Thumbtack may have adjusted how budgets impact search visibility. If you notice a change in visibility based on budget levels, it could be part of their algorithm updates.
    2. Competition Levels:
      • If new pros have joined the platform or existing ones have increased their budgets, it might impact how leads are distributed. Thumbtack could be adjusting visibility based on competition.
    3. Algorithm Changes:
      • Thumbtack regularly updates its algorithms to enhance user experience. Changes in search visibility may not necessarily be intentional but could be a result of algorithmic adjustments.
    4. Performance Metrics:
      • Thumbtack may consider various performance metrics, including response time, completion rate, and customer reviews. Ensure that you maintain a high level of professionalism and responsiveness.
    5. Contact Support:
      • Reach out to Thumbtack's support team for clarification. They can provide insights into any recent changes and offer guidance on optimizing your profile for better visibility.

    Starting a new profile might not be the best solution, as it could violate Thumbtack's policies and may not guarantee improved visibility. Instead, focus on optimizing your existing profile, adjusting your budget strategy, and engaging with Thumbtack's support for assistance.

    Remember that platforms often refine their algorithms, and changes can impact users differently. Stay proactive in managing your profile and adapt your approach based on the platform's policies and best practices.

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    @arslan thank you for the insightful comment!