[VIDEO] Introducing the Thumbtack Pro Advisory Board

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Whether you’re new here or you’ve been in the Community for a while, welcome! This is your space to learn and connect with real pros — a place to network, share resources, and exchange ideas and advice. 

We’re excited to announce Thumbtack’s first ever Pro Advisory Board, inspired by this incredible community of pros. Together with our Thumbtack Pro Advisors, we’re amplifying pro voices and making Thumbtack better for pros like you. Meet our inaugural Thumbtack Pro Advisory Board — a group of real Thumbtack pros coming together to help us understand and improve the pro experience. 

Watch the video to learn more about the “why” behind our Pro Advisory Board, and what we’re excited about. And, comment below with any questions you have for us or your Pro Advisors.

@busyb @ShaquealThomas @Alex_Tsymbal @Amery are just a few of our incredible pro advisors in the Community.


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,681

    Drop your comments and questions for us and for our Pro Advisors. Looking forward to the coming year with this amazing group of humans!

  • busyb
    busyb Posts: 51

    I cannot even begin to express how honored I am to have been chosen for this inaugural board. Thanks @DustiO for all of your support. For any pros that may see this and feel like you are still not sure how best to use Thumbtack feel free to reach out to me as well as any of the other pros on the board. We are all big believers in this platform for helping us grow and succeed but it takes a lot of hustle so don't give up!!! :)

  • ShaquealThomas

    Thank you @DustiO I am extremely excited to get to work with all my fellow board members thumbtackers and pros. Just as our fellow pro @busyb stated we are open to questions and giving suggestions, tips and strategies. All while building our businesses and as current and active pros in our community my goal is to provide my realistic input on things that are and/or could be better in hopes that together we can continue to make this platform grow for the better.

    Please join communitea so we can discuss thumbtack topics and ways to network via zoom

    As stated before I also have painters world which I am starting back up October 6th for interior painters but it is also open to all entrepreneurs as well. Thank you and cannot wait!!!!

  • KesXcent

    I would love to get on this board to make an impact in how Thumbtack works with Travel agencies. That is not represented here and I think it could make a huge improvement to both Thumbtack and its pros

  • Bretdouglas

    What an exciting new era. To create a board that not only cares about the top pros but cares about thumbtack is an amazing blend. Professionals coming together for the greater good is always a beautiful thing to see. I'm honored to be on the inaugural board and excited to see the changes and challenges ahead as we dive into this subject matter first hand

  • structuralguy65

    @Bretdouglas honored to be on the board? Help fix the problems. End instant book. End "$0 on-site estimate" for pro market segments that don't operate that way.