My leads stopped. zero leads in 4 months. not sure whats going on

Has anyone have this issue? I have not received any leads in 4 months. I made sure everything was updated. Updated credit card and everything seems to be ok. is anyone else having this issue?


  • Theresa
    Theresa Posts: 22

    @lauren-moore have you checked if you are competitive? That can be an issue, i know it was my issue.

  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 72

    @Lauren_Moore i have had this as well, and my feeling is, ever since they implemented “Instant Booking” the pros that decided to not be a part of it aren’t getting featured as much or they are just not being reached out to by clients since the customers are just taking the top few people. It’s been a real shift for me going for 3-4 a week to zero in almost two weeks.

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,208

    Great suggestion from @Theresa — I too would recommend playing around with your competitive level and your budget, even if just adjusting a little bit to see if that makes a difference. Keep in mind that you can change those up whenever you'd like, so you're not locked into it and do have the ability to play around and see what happens. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks! These are definitely helpful. I have stayed consistently booked using Thumbtack since 2017, but now it's crickets which is really sad. I will try bumping up my budget, but I just don't know if I can justify paying $20 per lead... :(

  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 72

    @Lauren_Moore $20 a lead would be a dream! I am paying usually $50+!