Did Covid bring Inspiration for You, or Your Company?

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Hey Everyone! Danielle here. I have some questions for all of you….

And I would really love for all of you to join in!

So, as we see we are edging closer to the end of this Covid tunnel… we can finally see the light of getting past this hard time in our history. Do YOU feel that this has not only been a challenge, however more of a growth period for your business and worldview? Have you branched out or thought of other ways financially you can evolve? Business ideas? New paths or roads you are now journeying down that you wouldn't have before?

I'll dish first. As a wedding photographer, I had a prospering business that tanked in the sweeping pandemic across our nation, for lack of better words. I took this time to go back to school. Study political science to join in on community events and the political arena to be a voice for the voiceless. I feel that Covid really gave me an opportunity I wouldn't have focused on unless this took place.

I would love to hear from more of you!

Covid has been hard on a lot of us. And for the loss of our family and loved ones. I am sorry if you have experienced this. However, I want to focus on some positive strengths that this has brought about. What has Covid done to inspire your growth? New business ideas? More time to devote to aspiring entrepreneurial activities? Let's take this opportunity to throw some motivation around. I would love to hear all about your innovative creations.


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    Such an amazing post @Danielle_Penn! How awesome that you took this time to go back to school - so inspiring.

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    I took the time to make my teaching both more effective and more efficient. I thought about the different ways to presenting information (live, asynchronously, in groups, privately), and I adapted them into my business which has become 100% online now as a result of both COVID-19 and the fact that teaching online actually works out better in some ways!

  • Danielle_Penn
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    @Mage I love this! What a great way to work within and around what Covid brought upon you. I fully agree that asynchronous learning works great. I for one can focus more, and time management is so much easier. I am sure your clients have responded approvingly! Thank you for sharing ☺️

  • This has definitely been a very challenging year for us all but I had faith that things will get better. Within the past six months, I have built a small reputation for myself as a photographer in the area for I offered prices that many cannot beat! And it's not always about the money, for people want to live their best life and capture these moments to look back to when this is all over. From small and limited weddings to a full-size family reunion of a community, it has been a great opportunity to meet these groups of people and to be able to take photos for them!

  • Hi I'm Alisa and I have been a personal trainer for over 30 years. And YES I had to do some job rearranging:) I converted my car port into an enclosed garage and starting training at my home as well as going to my clients homes. I also started doing zoom workouts. I have been very fortunate to at least break even during this COVID time so i feel very fortunate. Glad to be a port of this new community.