Non licensed pros

Why does thumbtack allow non licensed people to advertise for services that require a county and or state license?


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,208

    @Average_joe1 License rules and regulations vary from state to state (and often from county to county) and Thumbtack isn't able to verify all license types in all areas. For this and other reasons we always encourage customers to verify licensing where licensing is required (we encourage customers to verify insurance as well). When I personally am hiring a pro, I always look for the license and if I don't see it, I ask the pro to verify — and I am sure you stand out when customers are looking, not only because of you over 100 5-star reviews (AMAZING), but also because you have your licenses and certificates listed!

  • as of late people more and more are just “shopping” for price and when I’m competing against those without a license and charge less than industry standard because they are Johnny handyman.