A dispute was filed on me.I need help.

My account has been put on hold.

we did a job a few weeks ago. It was to remove carpet and stain steps

We did the job everything went great the customer picked his color for stain and then gave us the color for risers

The first issue came as we were finishing painting the risers.The customer says hmmm I don't think that color is correct.so we told him that we understand something mistakes happen and agreed to repaint so we rescheduled to come back out and repaint the risers

So after this the customer says the color of the floor doesn't match his neighbors.and wanted us to do the job again .almost gave us another wrong color but still trying to make him happy we do it again . We told the customer about the drying process. We get a message a few hrs later saying the poly wasn't dry. He stated he wiped it off. Which isn't possible.

But again we told him. We would come back out.so Friday comes we go out we get there and he opens the door and said your not needed. Wouldn't let us in to even look at the steps .then he filed a dispute and idk what to do.Any help would be greatly appreciated.We have been with thumbtack for years and this is how we get work.We have over 50 reviews with happy customers.Plz help me on what we should do


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    @Chrissy5555 Unfortunately I am not able to help with disputes - you will need to follow the steps outlined in the communications you would have received from our Trust and Safety team. Sorry I can't do more!

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    It looks like you received several emails regarding the Thumbtack Solution Center and you will need to go through that process - it looks like we reopened it to give you more time to do so. I would highly recommend going and doing that as soon as possible so you can get this resolved (no amount of calling or emailing or texting will change that you need to go through the Solution Center). Best of luck!

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    Also, @ShaquealThomas has been through this somewhat recently if you want to chat with a pro who has been through the Solution Center

  • @Chrissy5555 I can speak with you directly if you would like dm private message me your number if you can but if you are not comfortable speaking with me here's a few tips.

    communicate through the dispute system you are able to say what you stated in this thread.

    thumbtack is the middle man trying to find a balance if possible best to be polite state your point and figure out how to solve the issue.

  • I really appreciate you guys quick response. And all your willingness to help.its hard getting the right information.thank you again

  • @Chrissy5555 you welcome anytime hoping to see you at communitea @DustiO can add you if you would like to.