Significant Drop Off in Leads

I have been on for many years, and have a great record of ratings, reviews, standings, etc. I have been hired 250 times (probably more, those are just the ones that have been reported) and have 149 ratings and reviews, with only three reviews that are under 5.0. I am consistently the top-ranked contractor in one of the video production categories. (see attached screenshot)

So my credentials are solid; what concerns me is that leads have trickled done to almost none over the past two months. Meanwhile, on, a significant competitor to Thumbtack, I see leads doubling and tripling. I see gigs posted that should be on Thumbtack. I see client gigs that are prime jobs, yet none of them are showing up on Thumbtack. It seems that is winning the war of being the "go-to" agency for clients looking for contractors. This concerns me because I have spent thousands of dollars on Thumbtack to build a business. I'm wondering why is so successful at capturing clients while Thumbtack, which is by now I'm sure a billion dollar business, is showing signs of weakening? It makes me wonder if I now need to "jump ship" in order to focus on the company that seems to be working hard at landing clients rather than a company that seems to be more concerned with its own profits. Perhaps I'm not seeing this clearly, would love to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem, or is it just my imagination? What is Thumbtack doing to recapture the market? Is company leadership at all concerned about the serious competition to their position in the marketplace?


  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 72

    I have had zero leads in almost a month, I have been a top pro almost since I started on the platform a year ago and usually had 1-2 leads a week for murals. It seemed to occur right when the instant booking features was implemented (very poorly in my opinion), and has been a complete ghost town.

  • Tarkus
    Tarkus Posts: 2

    Exactly the same for me and it looks like many others. Something's up. And it can't be a drop in demand for services. Mine's Piano Tuning and I'll bet all the others are different completely different services.