Opportunities vs leads

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There was an Opportunities Lead that I responded to.

I provide the services that the job poster is looking for. I do it very well.

The job poster reached out to 3 other Pros. One of them hadn't responded yet when I sent in my bid.

If the job poster looks at my message, Thumbtack will get $35 from me.

Why doesn't Thumbtack want my $35?

Make it make sense.


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  • @DustiO How exactly is this an "angry rant"? The subject line is from a Futurama meme. Everything in my post is factual. It's six statements, a question, and a request. No expletives. No name calling.

  • Matt
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    @STL_Shooter78 It has more to do with that the opportunities are filtered in a different way than in the inbox of the client. They have another tab they have to look at to even know you sent them a message (I am pretty sure they don’t even get a notification!).

    I agree, and I feel that opportunities should go to the main inbox of the client if the Pro is willing to send a quote and be ok with spending the money.

  • @Matt Yes, I know this. My question isn't about the technical aspects of why it happens (the UX of Thumbtack). My question is why doesn't Thumbtack want my money when this isn't a situation where the job poster would be inundated with more than 5 bids. Thumbtack also runs the risk of the job poster walking away not hiring anyone without seeing my bid and my work samples. It's in Thumbtack's best interest to retain the commodity aka have the job poster use the site/app for as many future potential gig hires as possible. Having them walk away without seeing my bid or work samples is counterproductive to the mission of Thumbtack.

  • Matt
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    I totally agree, it does seem silly that it isn’t presented to the client as a normal lead and it is mostly a waste of time on the Pro’s side to even try, so why do they exist?