Meet a Community member: Mage

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We'll be highlighting some of our active Community contributors. Meet Mage - and introduce yourself in the comments.

  • What is your name? Mage
  • What industry are you in? Music Lessons
  • What is the name of your company? Mage Music
  • What type of lessons do you offer? Guitar, Piano, Voice, Electric Bass – also theory, home recording, and composition/songwriting
  • Are you teaching remotely, in-person, or a blend? Remotely
  • What are your biggest challenges right now? Filling some of my group classes and finding ideal students who would like to practice and study privately.

@Mage is a member of the Music Lessons Teachers group, check that and other available groups out here.


  • DustiO
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    We will continue to highlight our active contributors like Mage - so keep on posting and our team will reach out to you if you are one of our top contributors - we'll have you post about yourself and our team will pin it to the top of the feed for the next week.

    Thanks for all that you have brought to this Community, @Mage! And we look forward to highlighting many more of you in the future!

  • Mage
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    Thank you for the welcome, Dusti! 😎 Yes I hope to bring forward some of my experience and what I have done to increase success at my business. Someone started the Music Lessons Teachers group; I found it and joined it! 😊 🎶