Finding jobs based on a keyword


I assemble an outdoor play item that is known for being difficult and I would like to get leads based on that keyword rather than a generalized category.

I don't want to pay for leads outside of that keyword.

Cannot find any info and cannot find any way to contact an actual human being.


  • DustiO
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    @JohnnyBones support contact info is here:

    • Support hours are Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm MST
    • Phone support is available by calling 866-501-5809.
    • Text support is available by texting 415-299-6398.
    • Chat support is available to pros when they login to their Thumbtack account.
    • Email support is available by emailing

    But, for this type of category specific feedback I would send an email with this same info you put in this post to

    However, even if you talk with someone in support, they won't be able to help with getting jobs based on a keyword. The only way you can narrow down the types of jobs you get is by setting your preferences. It looks like you've already gone through these and tried to be pretty specific, but if you're looking to get jobs ONLY for one very particular piece of playground equipment you probably won't have much luck. The best you can do is send feedback to support@ so it's gets logged. Sorry about that, as I am sure this is not the answer you were looking for!