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The following guidelines apply to public posts and private messages. They are not exhaustive. Moderators have full discretion to remove posts that don’t meet the spirit of these standards, and repeat offenders may be temporarily or permanently removed from the Community. Code of Conduct violations on the Community may impact your status as a Thumbtack pro.

If you see unacceptable behavior in the Community that moderators have not yet responded to, please point it out to a Moderator or Community Manager right away via a private message.

Here's what we expect from you to ensure the Community remains a place to help everyone get the most out of Thumbtack and reach their full potential. 


1. Keep it respectful

Without exception, we will not tolerate bullying behavior towards employees or other pros.  And since we are all on the same team, there should be no reason for it in the first place. 

Profanity and obscenity have no place in the Pro Community. Hate speech and discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.  Additionally, do not intimidate or discourage others from participating, or from voicing opinions that might be different than yours. Comments directed at personal appearances are not permitted.

 This is a zero tolerance policy.


2.  Keep it constructive

 Conversations should remain productive and focused on solutions.  We always welcome well-reasoned critiques but we ask that you refrain from angry rants.

We do our best to answer questions quickly and with as much detail as possible. If your question has been addressed, please accept the answer in good faith and move on.

3. Keep it in perspective 

Everyone’s situation is unique, especially as it pertains to their business: what works for you may not work for someone else, and vice versa. Please keep this in mind when sharing your opinions, suggestions, and experiences.  

Please reflect on whether the suggestion you’re sharing is unique to you or is applicable to many. We always encourage sharing the latter.


4.  Keep it on topic

 Make sure your contributions are relevant to the purpose of the Pro Community and to the specific discussion board where you post. We ask that you do not post duplicate messages. Also, spam will be removed. If you want to change the direction of a conversation please start a new thread.   

 Deliberately obstructing the narrative of a thread will not be tolerated.


5. Keep it private

 Do not share anything about yourself or your business that you want to keep private. Additionally, do not share the personal information of a customer, a Thumbtack employee, or another pro. Any post that violates another person’s sense of privacy will be removed.

Private messages are meant to be private. Shared screenshots of PMs will be removed.


6. Keep it legal

When posting within the Pro Community, please keep in mind you are agreeing to follow all applicable laws. We expect a high level of professionalism from pros, please use the Community for lawful purposes only.

To summarize:

The Pro Community is a place where pros in every industry, anywhere in the country, can come together. But we also need ground rules in place to ensure the Community is built from common respect and good intentions. Moderators have full discretion to remove posts that don’t meet the spirit of these standards, and repeat offenders may be temporarily or permanently removed from the Community. Conduct violations on the Community may impact status as a pro.


By using these forums, you agree to follow these rules as well as Thumbtack’s Terms of Use and all other Thumbtack policies. If you recognize any violation of our Copyright Policy, please follow the process outlined here for providing notice.

 If you have any questions about our code of conduct, terms, or policies, send a private message to a Community moderator, or the Community Manager.

 Thank you for being a part of the Pro Community!


 Advisory note:

Before posting a new idea, answering a question, or offering a different point of view, a member should consider if her contribution satisfies these criteria. As such, this list should be concise and focus on the most important desired behavior.

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