Help! I’m not getting any leads!!!


I was doing so well on thumbtack up until last week… now all the sudden I’m getting zero leads and zero views!!!

I rely on thumbtack to support my family!!

please help


  • Theresa

    18 jobs in 3 months in NYC area tells me TT is not putting Pros in front of customers.

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,704

    Hi @A_Jenks83 thanks for posting! I can see that you are ranked in the top 5 in your area, which is great. I also see that you are still getting views (I checked your insights page). I would guess that this is just due to a dip in demand. When I was a Thumbtack pro I definitely saw ebbs and flows in leads. It looks like you haven't been on Thumbtack for a whole year, so you aren't able to go back and compare to last year at this time, but it may simply be a slower time due to upcoming holidays, the economy, etc. You're doing everything right and your profile is great! I could still recommend getting a few more reviews (the average pro in your area and industry has 29 reviews) and maybe add a few more featured projects, you can also respond to your existing reviews and shorten your response time (your average is about 10 hours longer than the top pros in your area/industry). All of these factors can help bump up your ranking and/or insure that you stay up high. I'd also recommend increasing your Max Lead Price if even by a tiny bit to see if that helps at all - but I'd wait and see if the slow continues, or if it's just due to an external factor!

    I hope this helps even a little bit!

  • A_Jenks83

    Thanks so much that gave me a bit of hope. However there seems to be quite a lot of demand when I look at the leads.. I’m just not getting any direct leads this week despite there being demand in Camarillo and Santa Barbara. Really hope it goes back to normal soon.