AMA with a Community Leader: Roger

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Join us for our first ever pro lead AMA with one of your Community Leaders, Roger (@perrysto).

Not only is Roger a leader in his industry, but he is adept at bringing his community of entrepreneurs together both locally and nationally, in meaningful and impactful ways. He is the owner of Professional and Reliable Bartending in Las Vegas, NV and is also in the midst of building an immersive art, events, and community space. 

Roger will be here to answer your questions about thinking outside the box and using the pandemic to creatively [re-]strategize. He’ll also be answering your questions about building a strong network.

Please join us for this first ever live AMA on Wednesday April 7 at 9am PT, 12pm ET. Register here. And please put your questions for Roger in the comments section below this post.

See you all then!