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I am helping two people and both of them do not understand the English language well yet, so, I developed a page for them, after the Background Check made by themselves, Thumbtack deactivated their page and did not give an answer and we could not find where the problem is. Is it a Thumbtack typical way to deal with customers? Both are Thumbtack Pro whose weekly budget would be around $ 170.I sent two appeals through Thumbatack page plus a message on this phone number 855-663-9023 but no answer.


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    Hi @marcio_ledger thanks for posting. I can imagine this is frustrating, but unfortunately we are not able to help with these types of account issues here in the Community. I took a quick look and your account has not been deactivated. It looks like you just need to fix some issues with your profile (there is a banner when you log in that explains this). Hope this helps!

  • Hello @DustiO , thanks for your response. Maybe I was not so clear in my complaint. The problem is not my account which I have opened just to understand the way Thumbtack works, the problem is in relation to these two Thumbtack accounts [email protected] and [email protected], both owners do not speak English, so I have decided to help them, the first one did the background check and asap she did that, Thumbtack deactivated her account and we would like to know the reason for that, I have already sent a message to the help center asking them what to do, where is the problem and I also sent a message to Thumbtack's phone number 855-663-9023 without any response, the second account mentioned above she did not even had the time for the background check, she put her credit card information and when she tried the background check minutes later her account was also deactivated and once again, Thumbtack gives us no explanation. I am looking forward to hearing you, where is the problem, what is the problem, and what is necessary to solve it? If you want to call them, there is no problem I also can give you their phone number, although it will be necessary to speak Brazilian Portuguese to communicate with them.



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    Unfortunately, I am not able to help with these types of issues, and you most likely won't be able to help them either, since agents are not able to give out information about other peoples' accounts. We do have Spanish support, but not Portuguese. I would recommend having them email or chat with support if that is easier. Sorry I can't help you!